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And Edens inbound slow before foster to the Kennedy still twenty three minutes from lake cook. With the outbound side at twenty four out to lake cook on the Edens spur, the eastbound side, heavy from the tri-state to before the Edens in the ongoing roadwork. And then you have a crash in the delay on the shoulder just past the toll plaza as well. Kennedy about an hour sixteen from O'Hare it's fifty five in from the junction, the locals forty two in the express lanes twenty four to Montrose. Forty eight minutes out to O'Hare is now we're about an hour sixteen from route three ninety fifty in for Mannheim. It's just thirty four out to three ninety Stevenson about an hour to three fifty five to lakeshore drive forty nine in from the tri-state Alpine's, okay on I fifty five but northbound fifty five still slow and welcoming starting before route fifty three the Dan Ryan down twenty minutes from ninety fifth. No, outbound delays on the Ryan fifty seven zero clear. The Bishop Ford inbound now eighteen minutes eighty ninety four to the Dan Ryan merge. No, outbound worries lakeshore drive northbound heavy from Roosevelt Monroe as you get into the work zone. The southbound side is jammed past park into the works. I'm starting at north avenue on the tri-state tolling northbound you're still seeing heavy traffic from seventy fifth to Ogden from the about moral and before Dempster to pass golf southbound heavy from Denver to pass to a crash in the left shoulder. Their cruiser blocking the two left lanes to work on it. And then you're heavy from the Jane Addams to the grand avenue curve on the Jane Addams tollway itself, you're all clear about east and west. The Reagan tollway in pretty good shape east and westbound as well. The veterans tollway northbound on the brakes from seventy five to argument the southbound side heavy north avenue to Butterfield route fifty three southbound you're slow from the Jane Addams to Higgins and the ongoing roadwork there I eighty eastbound pretty heavy past Larkin Chicago street looks like some daytime moving roadwork there. Westbound heavy from I fifty seven Harlem on eighty ninety four I sixty five in the Indiana toll road. Everything is looking good traffic sponsored by Arte pizza on State Street. Art a pizzas celebrating their first anniversary stop in for up to eighteen varieties of thin pan. Or deep dish hot fresh ready to go pizza slices Dinan carry out and delivery available a pizza seven. Twenty-seven south.

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