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The journey in oregon has acquitted ammon bundy and his militia followers on federal conspiracy charges stemming from the armed occupation of them our here national wildlife refuge earlier this year the verdict caps a high profile nearly two month long trial and could have major implications when it comes to federal land management and the western militia movement docu patient itself also had an unintended consequence as an pierce kirk sickly reports it's refocused attention on the ancestry all rights native american told to land in the west so the federal courthouse portland bundy militia supporters dress some traditional cowboy retire leaving american flags passing cars some even right of course i'm down his usage inside lady laminate walk away jarvis kennedy watches all of us and those his eyes you don't claim to be victims were kennedy is a councilman with the burns high you try than harney county oregon that's home of the now here national wildlife refuge that the bundy's occupied in protest of the government's ownership of federal land they didn't know what they get into that in doing down homework and so forth did you know we're on the football in the occupiers took over the refuge last winter burns pie people watched this may ancient travel artifacts store their handled at one point the militants bulldozed through sacred burial groundswell trying to build a row before became a refuge this was the traditional winter gathering area for kennedy's people that's before they were move to attend acre reservation your landfill outside the small town.

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