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In Doug Trumbull. Remain decent though is that seventy five down through God. This highway vibe or that? At five seventy five south is now getting heavy around highway ninety two in the Woodstock region. Northeast Mark left lane still blocked with this rectory sixteen. Westbound Pasha Golo Parkway big delays in for Lawrenceville. Eighty five south very slow south SugarLoaf Parkway down at Jimmy Carter boulevard inside the perimeter at Claremont road. Ashley frasca. Four hundred preside county ride is all right down from Lake Lanier on four hundred southbound you encountered the slow traffic, though as you approach Mansell road. Heaviest getting past the north springs Marta station. We'll update the southside next triple team traffic WSB Vanu warning to parents about the dangers of drugs. And how young people are getting tricked into using. That story is next WSB news time seven twenty one Monday Monday. Hey, it's Mark Arum on Monday with you not to the funnest day of the week. I'm sure but once you get off of work at home. I want you to relax and binge-watching show on xfinity xfinity on demand. I just flew through Fargo. Have you guys seen Fargo yet? Mazing series got net. Flicks ASA access. I've got access to HBO Cinemax Showtime on demand binge-watching is the new way to enjoy television. And don't get me started about the on demand movies, fantastic stuff. And if you like a certain actor, let's say Smilin' Mark McKay loves Al Pacino. He can use the excellent voice remote say Al Pacino, and it will record any movie that Al Pacino is in that comes up on television. Xfinity on demand xfinity voice app. And of course, xfinity in home..

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