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On the rest development way you a wonderful you are a boy boyer would you you just post for up photo with me in my franklin thank you so much in look this is the new blushing bride enter entered new husband ryan saying allow thank you let's get a picture this everybody rentis levers and they're getting married because the night that i married phoebe erin in the market anger from the saints he was in the same elevator because the saint for staying at the hotel we got married at well not to put too fine a point on it but when you get married you're usually staying at a pretty nice hotel famous and rich people also stay at really nice hotel so yes when you get married god's are good that you're going to meet someone famous which is a good reason to get married by you would only pay to me ever get a picture with stephen king and dave grohl i think probably there are maybe five people bottle stephen king dave grohl adam and i throw in i'd probably pay for steve martin maybe johnny carson too maybe letterman now and he dad's a horrible father if he would like to do that what's up tj welcome live our you also have gary adr showed great man a drew um everything is awesome lawyer luthan last night europe tom tate was on a domino's singing the song to you all are not yet adamas uh you know the everything is awesome song from the leg ammonia everything is pretty catchy number am i right likely thing is co away parter that he can't get it out of your head i mean it's a the frigate songs drowsy so yeah no everything his awesome thank you i think if an undercover more of of an eta but i got a story for your your clogging about eur it quotes that a this you wanna give me the autograph coach dave martinez sure shuts shutter young south kushner down by the way thank you to kevin law there was princeton business school not harvard business school data jole tom cruise i went to her so this is very important of thank you kevin eleven go ahead uh when i was gonna middleschool school many many years ago uh tony dungy came to my school and he um you know he did a.

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