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I just think it's crazy how speak too vague. You know, what's funny is until the very end. He's got to really like good details. They were talking about the by the way is the main thing that you have to start with true, by the way, people generally formed or sexual fantasies around. Whether you're a man in a bottom and the guy says, by the way, a man I want to be the bottom if that's cool. But I think. He just doesn't want people to know who it really is. But he's just going way too overboard with it because I mean, he's saying guy friend. Yes, I want those aren't your friends. You fuck that. Also, nobody knows you because it's on Craigslist just say exactly what you want. That's what I mean. You're already on randomest that is what you don't to be. You don't need to be cagey on fucking Craigslist yet it might as well be called cagey list. You know what I mean nNcholas cage away off? We wanna read this one. Then I know how to read Uber driver wants to watch these Los Angeles. I'm pretty open couples are ideal but all considered I have a pretty big back seat can need a ride forty eight. White. What white male dad type? But this is the best part is the first thing he says, I'm pretty open and the last part is do not contact with unsolicited or services offers so not. So he's really not that open. Don't. They also. Yeah. No. I don't know. Yeah. It's bullshit. What why why why does it have to say that? Honestly, just definitely anytime. You see something where you're like why is it saying that it's because they legal somebody doesn't want to get the shit suit out of them. Yeah. Fucking weird. Yeah. No. It's actually not couples. I tricked you couples are ideal. But all considered I have a pretty big backseat. Need a ride. So he's being cute about his. But right. Pretty big backseat. He's over driver driver for real. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. So he wants to drive around couples. Fuck maybe. Maybe not definitely being cagey. Why doesn't he just say I want couples to sit in my backseat. That's pretty big. And I wanna fuck you can take it a, Costco. You know what? I agree. Yeah. You just said that. I said the main specific thing, but you were being cagey about it. And I came through with the home run. Eating something. What's that fucking scoundrels? Let's go swimming Pomona. I wanna go to a spa. Let's do it. So not doesn't just go, dude. You don't need to be on Craigslist for that. I'm depressed. In fully, dude. Going on hang on hang on K feeling great, dude. He says, let's go swimming. And then I want to go to a spa. Let's do it. That is sad. I will venture to say nobody's written to this one. Nobody who the fuck. Let's do it doesn't even have a fucking period at the end. That's so depressing. News. Finish it. Eight words. He's yeah. Yeah. Cheeses christ. What's this one? Oh, smell better for sure dude is weird. How? How many people don't spell? Well, honestly. Nobody fucking sales. Well, yeah. But this is just and that's a problem. I want meat macho guy cross dresser here. But. Hearthrow cross-dresser dresser. Because the jury's out around. It's fucking what do you call it? 'cause Croatian guy. Are you macho guy want have fun Safar? Do you have good tool and what to use it? Yeah. Many tenses fucking amazing. He's fucking being specific to he is. He is. So you've got to cruise Reeser send pick sent pick. If you serious. I am crosed Reeser, and that's Kellyanne Kresa metro they but a Mead today's Syria Venny who grimace, I honestly now is just showing soy cross-dresser cross-dresser both time. Well, maybe that's the Spanish way of saying. No. But how do you know because no. Because it's an English without letters. Write. It should be just a decrease or something. Yeah. Did not come.

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