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That's what happened in the last one but the lord but the lawyer defending mala owen guys ler the jury to consider whether tyrone tebbe baynton death was an accident black he was white peers tyrone tyrone tibi even tyrone thing is in a different country okay crown prosecutor caroline marco outline case against guys ler during his trial in the supreme court on imac aid on tuesday guys lit thirty one has pleaded not guilty to the murder of mr brain ten twenty nine from october for eleven twenty contained justice james henry impaneled jury of eight women and five men including one reserve just as henry told the jury during lithium dress they were coli and calmly clinically examined evidence put before them by miss marco and guys was barrister tim ryan mr baynton mother diane baynton attended the first day of the trial was just as henry say it could stretch into a week she was a company by leeann pooling who started tom pooling was killed in two thousand twelve in unrelated series of events and a small contingent of supporters geisler was also supported in court boss while crowds at centimeters for mr baynton supporters in in the agent courtroom small public gallery mr marco gave her opening dress this marco gave her opening address which canvas the prosecution's allegations is alleged i'll tober eleven twenty fifteen at six o'clock at night the defendant malla geisler murder tyrone baynton malla geisler attended tyrone's unit armed with sword along with two other men who are also armed for the purposes still in money or drugs from tyron.

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