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53 back to the roads is super retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes. Okay, Kevin, what's happening? There was a four person stuck in the middle of a tunnel with a breakdown and poor Everybody else trying to get by him. Yeah, they're still there. We got the right lane breakdown inside the Sumner tunnel coming into town here from East Boston, Right. Lane is blocked. Just the left lanes getting by and you got the lace here from East Boston. Trying to get over the break down. It's about little over half way through the tunnel itself. So stay to the left. If you're working your way through the tunnel right now, and lever connectors, the little company around the garden curve. The river roads are in good shape right now. Expressway North bound, hung up Just a minor bid here getting by Columbia Road, Then you're OK. Up to the tunnel South bounds, looking pretty good down to the Braintree split. Down on Route three. North bound here in Plymouth. You locked up route 44 getting all the way up almost two miles now to these work crews after Smith's lane looks like they're working their way up towards Route three. A 4 95 South found about a mile back up out of the work crews after Route 24 here in Middleborough over and where have route 25 eastbound watch out for two separate crashes in the median right near Exit three. This report sponsored by Lifelock Identity Theft Protection. Identity Thieves Love Tax forms with personal info needed to steal your identity. That's why Lifelock helps protect monitor and restore your identity. No one can monitor all transactions at all businesses. But you could save up to 25% off your first year at Lifelock dot com. Promo code risk. Kevin Brennan, WBC's traffic on the threes and now the weather. Kevin Thank you sponsored this time by Toyota, Toyota's official website for deals. Buy a Toyota dot com We get more within 24 clouds A little sun as we get in the afternoon, breezy, milder than it was yesterday. Temperatures away from the water she get up in the mid Upper sixties. Tonight's.

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