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The company gave a feeble outlook for the third quarter and delayed production of its next generation chips for at least another year. Shares of Intel fell 16%. And tech stocks, which have been a key driver to the markets. Post pandemic recovery struggle this week is Apple and Facebook fell around 4% each, and Tesla finished the week down 5%. The market's weakness exacerbated by rising tensions with China, President Trump says the phase one trade deal means less to him now, as he blames China for both the pandemic and the havoc it's wreaked on the economy in New York. I'm Ellie Teret, Fox News. Hedge fund of Chatham Asset Management says it will pay $312 million to buy newspaper publisher McClatchy Out of a bankruptcy protection. 312 million doesn't sound like a lot of money, too. Denham says it plans to offer employees at the 30 paper chain their current jobs with the same pay and benefits. It will honor collective bargaining agreements. Chairman Kevin McClatchy, CEO Craig Foreman and fellow board directors will leave the Sacramento, California based newspaper chain when the deal closes by September 30th pending the approval of a U. S bankruptcy court judge McClatchy's owner of the eagle, right. Head in the Kansas City star, Right? Yeah, I guess. So $312 million for 30 for 30 years. That doesn't sound like very much money, but that's what they're worth at the market value is, Yeah, that's what coming out of bankruptcy, not organizations that have slashed their output and employees in recent years. You know, I was thinking about not what it was thinking about that Sunday morning, trotted out to get my weekly one newspaper. I take a weekend off. The old Sunday newspaper used to be something I look up to us to be out of stuff in it used to be a Feature it. It's pretty pretty thin these days been curious. It's coming from 6 50 Now, Stephen 10 in the morning here in on can assess what is the model portfolio or about to find out With the money tracker. That's right. Don grant cfb with us on a Monday morning. Good morning. Good morning, Stephen kids, you know, big question. How are you invested? How and win are your holdings monitored, Reviewed and re balanced or changed If you have a smattering of stocks and funds review may just maybe just to check on how they're going. And like many investors, you may sell and buy another position on Lee after market volatility. Well, a model portfolio. Maybe something for you to investigate. What is it? Well, No, it's not a large folder full of esoteric photos of tall, thin people in odd clothing, makeup, vacant stares and sucked in fish fates. Fuckers get it models it is sometimes referred to as a managed account. A model portfolio is a grouping of investments from different sectors of the economy overseen by an asset management team. The team sets the parameters and invested 50 models objectives. The goal of many models is to perform as well or better than the overall stock market. Let's say you're certified financial planner professional has helped you developed an investment plan and includes investments. In the broad stock market. Well, she may help you find a model portfolio that covers those areas. Majin fees are generally tied to performance. So the asset manager is on your side. When you make more. The manager does as well. As it managers may have hundreds of clients in the same portfolio. This may seem impersonal, but it really isn't because the customization comes in how much.

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