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What is your most commonly used emoji. Embarrassing shocker emoji. Oh yeah that's what we'll survey it's your sheriff door and it's funny. It's like asking for years. I i kinda quit. Crawl twenty after my thirties and picked it back up and now it's a huge part of my life but i almost feel like i'm doing press for now. Now it's like i. I've been just organically talking about a lot and then i don't know i'm getting embarrassed again. If you could be a professional athlete would it be a surfer. I'm not thinking of joey kern. I'm thinking of you in grind. Have you talked to joey. And why did you did a movie. Joey directed like pry all my god. Okay ukraine that. I like that movie. Thank you really get up. Yes big bear shut up. You know this is loosely. Based on something that i'm kind of responsible for so are you. I take it you know tease him. You slam him south with that. Julia plane you know. I'm no. I'm the one i don't think i'm represented in it because i'm the one that set him up with Okay okay yeah not really my fault. I wasn't like hey. I need go out of my way to do it for a while. Oh like immediately. And i'm just very proud very proud of it and i remember seeing her at a. I happened like that. But i remember seeing her out and i was like show. It's coming up and she's like this email. Whatever if you could have one snack food for the rest of your life. Your your your goat. You're stoned your go-to snack food. I mean i love. It's not. I wouldn't call it a snack food exactly but i mean i love donna and i'll tell you this i love the high end you know. There's they're doing all the high end ones. Now and height is the same as like burger fries students. Like i love a good high class fry. But it's so hard to beat. Mcdonald's and for me as much as i like sidecar stars and all the Artisan artisanal donuts i. I don't like dunkin socks but like your local car dealership. Has some great ones still eighty my favorite the urine the land of great strip mall donor ball. Dona not the strip mall average strip mall doughnut. That's genetic fancy is as good to me as any aired. What's your favorite movie. Sequel of all time for those two are like what are the. What's the opposite of oil in water. Salt goes in butter jelly. I mean it's like those are so amazing it's such a it's such a great idea and advancement and flip the flip side of the coin of the first movie. I mean Yeah and they both hold up remarkably well. I think like Side termeer if i may digress real fast i can't figure out the time travel shit and all the i know that they've been trying to reboot it for a million years. There's a million ways. I don't know how to i couldn't get into the minutia of the timelines. Whatever but one thing. I think that they would.

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