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Our community is the right decision for Minneapolis police department video taken by a bystander shows the man George Floyd being held down by his neck by officers in the in flight telling the officer that he couldn't breathe before his body went limp like death is under investigation by the FBI and state investigators president trump sidestepping a question from a reporter this afternoon in response to the video people not social distancing in several places across the country over the weekend always be safe you want to be safe we're opening up and you want to be safe and he says we are opening up safely while protecting the elderly and most vulnerable the justice department closing insider trading investigation of three senators but a fourth remains open federal prosecutors are relearning attorneys for Republican senators Kelli Leffler and James and often democratic senator Dianne Feinstein fifty investigations into the lawmakers are closing the Wall Street journal reports but a related investigation is continuing in the stock trades made by Republican senator Richard Burr the FBI started looking in the financial transactions made after lawmakers were briefed about the emerging corona virus threats all of the senators denied any wrongdoing pointing the trades made by investment advisers Burr has since stepped down as chairman of the Senate intelligence committee after the FBI seized his cellphone as part of the investigation Jared Halpern fox news channel reported one new confirmed cases of the virus on the mainland twenty eight new a symptomatic cases America is listening fox news this news brought to you by sinus and snoring specials newsradio Kaylee J. on John Cooley and topping Austin's news capital metro's efforts to expand transit services in the area is expected to cost nine point eighty eight billion dollars officials say construction of project connect should start next year and be funded by the city of Austin cap metro and federal dollars on city councilmember Leslie pool is working on a new initiative called chop block it'll allow a business to expand into outdoor public right of ways to increase social distancing councilmember Alison alter says restaurants especially outdoor space will be important we should see how we can facilitate that and if we need to take more parking out to do that we shot bulls upcoming resolution would allow for a special events permit to be issued closing up an area to cars and allowing a business to expand on the sidewalks and go but nineteen recently forces central Texas regional mobility authority to hit the brakes on the Barton skyway ramp project this week C. D. R. may will consider a funding agreement with tech stocks your Gail B. J. radar weather watch sixty three degree low high eighty eight get Austin news on demand at newsradio kale B. J. dot com so when you shop simple at your central Texas Honda.

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