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Fitting so one would think you expecting loyalty instead of only Herman Melville do you think you're the change language what it did to your uncle Sasha leave room window is he coming up the walk we do not get my black is it creation did you need to sit down in front of your education a little out on to the door where was he shot with Elizabeth yeah it is you who is a very well let me look at your residence on Monday Hanson went you brought into the world was shocked when he missed the now they'll have you decided to settle down and take a position somewhere writing a book about some cannibals either within the south seas yes matter of fact harbors of already agreed to publish it hi publishing a book about cannibals well coming to but you were right ten Mister Malvo I have in mind to write something on whaling then I hope you'll say something about the quality of the play and I were getting nowadays lastly gotten quite smoke up my best beaded lampshades and what is the item you haven't got the price of a plant a willow well no not you nor anyone else of your kind because the price of a pint of Wayland as blood and agony when human lives and courage the kind of human dignity you wouldn't understand I shop you do one for maybe like to hear about a boy is seventeen what a gangrene leg amputated without chloroform so you can like just a few houses and complain because I smoked up your best beaded lampshades maybe you'd like to hear about and now I country made of the room and be unfolded in this manner good day Mister Melville it is a bit I'm not coming through her I'm not coming with your I'm going now if you're happy Elizabeth what is the down is it a new book and just come over to the school and they like it was already getting a new addition is offered me a new contract has an now we can pay off your bills tell me about the contract terms well it's not as grand as the other one we may have to dawn of the sale but I thought you said what Darling you see if this way if I wanted to go one writings house a store is why I could sell them of course but I want to write something bigger than an adventure story we have and the children then let's go to the farm if worse comes to worse I've got my health I can work on the bomb light at night Elizabeth believe me I've got to write this book I've got to we'll have you do what you must but I will be here I won't say no mind your but be careful be careful careful sailing with the women on a patch of forming site of the laser but steady at that home go to any of that hello.

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