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Small businesses during the holiday season may prove to be the deciding factor on whether or not they make it out of the pandemic alive. Your top national story now Government advisory panel has voted that the first covert 19 vaccine should go to healthcare workers and residents of long term care facilities, ABC News contributor Doctor Tar Della and those patients in nursing homes, chronic care facilities. Of which there's several million in the United States and then the front line providers. They may not be the most vulnerable, but they're the ones that are taking care of covert 19 patients every day, So we're the most exposed recommendations will be sent to the CDC. And that is the subject of your poll question in your pound to 50 comments today, which we will revisit shortly and that was Daria albums, Your reporting and now more news with Cape Decays Joe Michael's giving the captain of a scuba diving boat that caught fire and sank off the coast of Santa Barbara last year, killing 34 people is being indicted today on federal manslaughter charges for one of the deadliest maritime tragedies in modern American history. Jerry Boylan is charged with 34 counts of Seaman's manslaughter for misconduct, negligence and inattention for failing to train his crew properly conduct fire drills and have a roving night watchman on the conception When fire broke out last September, 2nd U. S Attorney Nick Hanna says captain Boylan's alleged failure to follow well established safety rules turned a pleasant holiday dive trip into a hellish nightmare as passengers and one crew member found themselves trapped in a fiery bunk room with no means to escape. Gerry Boyle in a Santa Barbara and four other crew members survived by jumping into the water, the little used Seaman's manslaughter count carries a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment. An Eldorado County High school is back in quarantine after a minor covert 19 outbreak gave be case Taylor Martin tells US classes there are again being held online. Oakridge High School in El Dorado Hills, is returning to full distance learning after the district reported 10 cases of covert 19 more than 100. Students and staff at the high school are now in quarantine after possibly being exposed to the virus. However, this case is not isolated. Officials say they're seeing a significant increase in covert cases across the Eldorado Union High School district. Ridge High School is set to return to hybrid learning on December 8th Taylor Martin Newsnight 3.1 kfbk. The district as a whole has for the most part, kept any major covert outbreaks. At bay. The infection rate in schools statewide remains low. The city of Sacramento will be featured in an upcoming baseball comedy show on ABC. TV KFBK is Johnny D. Augustine. He has more with River Cats. General manager Chip Max in the River Cats organization is giving inspiration to a new comedy show about a minor league baseball team. GM Chip Maxon says the show's lead character, played by Felicity Huffman will be based on the life of Cat's owner, Susan Savage husband are brought the team here in 2000. But then he passed away tragically in 2009 and told her not to sell the team. And so there she was. Thrust into you, the sports world, Maxine says the city of Sacramento will be on full display. They're talking about Felicity driving her car across the tower Bridge, heading the center Help Park. They're talking about the capital. The backgrounds they wanna tie in a lot of Sacramento and the beauty here is gonna be great. The river cats are the reigning Triple A baseball champions. Johnny D. Augustine e News 93.1 KFBK. It's six. So six on the KFBK Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil. Alright, Thanks Joe In a Colorado photographer says he saw a group of people take down and haul away a mysterious monoliths. Had captured worldwide attention in Utah Michael Kastner reports Ross Bernard says he was taking pictures of the monolith near Moab after dark on Friday, when four people walked up to the structure. One of them turns to my friends who are a little bit further up the canyon next to it, where I was little further back and said, I hope you got your photos and then just gave it a couple of big pushes, and it just leaned over. The other three joined in pushing the monolith until it finally fell to the ground, Bernard says group broke the structure into pieces loaded in the wheelbarrow and walked away Groups parting message to Bernard's, and his friends was leave. No trace. I'm Michael Kastner. Okay, well, still to come. We'll talk about the C D. C is priority list for the vaccine. Get to some of your calls. Right now. It's traffic and weather together and oh, no, It's not coming up. We'll get to that in a 2nd 1st. It's ABC News and your top national stories. From.

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