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The marlins six at part of the big trade at set josh beckett mike wolfrom miami who were the florida marlins at a time to boston with any ball sanchez yes and hander a beer as the key parts of the trade go back to the moral and really it was a good trade for both teams you got the young animal sanchez with a young hanley ramirez and the red sox ready went andrew benintendi rbi single that are run into second take strike one from darvish and i remember hitler mirrors oh sex show seven away i mean he was as good a shaw our sup as any anyone specially offensively once ranked pitch lefthanded batting benintendi slinging amiss starbucks where the offspeed it's owing two benintendi look he's is having a really nice rookie year but it just pales in comparison to the american league they're the guy from new york what's his name again all right seoul rise of judges entered the fray your to pitch depend tandy is low and outside goal we're talking about basketball aaron judge six eight to fifty five homered again today any dentist a casing of awful wall behind the outfield wall yankee stadium with at home or today exit villa was what one eighteen stuck cast want to pitch to benintendi swing and a high pop up foul behind the plate giving it a locus torino's but he runs at a real estate gets back into the crowd by about twelve growth count holds at wanted to and benintendi toronto earlier today here on espn radio beat the yankees four two one behind j hap cc sabathia the loss is roberto or ceuta picked up his twentieth save homerun number twentyeight for aaron judge and i had a mystery man just whispering my errors stat cast headed a one eighteen point four forgot the.

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