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To happen i think if that's how it comes back i think the golden knights might end up losing the trade yeah that's if both of those guys because the way mcphee talks about the team in the picks and the talent he really likes what he has with this youth movement you know hopefully they'll pan out to be as good as he thinks he's going to be but see i agree with you i mean you get a get a carlson at this stage i think he's he's the piece that early kinda puts them over top yeah and you know i think it's going to be i think it's going to be a first rounder i wouldn't be surprised if it's a first and a second somewhere and plus a couple of players yeah i i wouldn't be surprised if there's a couple of version picks in this what's interesting to me is cody eakin because first off cody eakin three point eight million dollar salary so we talked on tuesday show about the salary cap and how if the golden knights make this trade and they get erik carlson and bobby ryan from ottawa they are very quickly right up next to the salary cap if cody eakins in this deal that's three point eight million dollars going back to ottawa that basically gives you four million dollar relief in terms of the salary cap because alex tax making less than a million dollars this year shape theodore's a restricted free agent so he's not even counted against your salary cap yet all these other players in here are basically nothing against your salary cap right right so getting cody eakin in the deal would save you about four million dollars there and if you look now at what the golden knights have done when they went out and got paul stazzone what that means for their center depth william carlson is the number one center paul stazzone is the number to center last year cody eakin was the number three center but with paul stazzone coming over you can now slide eric howlett down to the number three center and then you have cody out here who's fighting with like peer edward belmar to be the number four center and delmar had better numbers last year then cody and improbably performs in that fourth line role better than cody eakin would so in a lot of regards cody can becomes expendable he's sort of a a luxury for you at this point in terms of you've got five centers and you only have four spots to use them so to me like if the golden knights can get cody eakin into this deal i think that helps a lot like to me that would be a good thing to to get his salary going to ottawa and he sort of an expendable player at this point i'm curious so we've got the nhl players we've got the draft picks how valuable are eighteen nineteen year old prospects that you took in the first round see to me that's something and just if you listen to mcphee talk he's really he really believes those are the future and i'm mike you what do we got for today yeah and you know and he has a as i said he's even said there's nobody in the draft in the next next couple of years there's no crosby there's no of eskin out there in even when you do get a real mcdavid mcdavid comes up what is he done with that team i mean more because of ottawa than him yeah he's a great player ottawa edmonton edmonton he's a great player but they they can't surround him with anything yeah and it's like yeah he's maybe that's second tier of across beena novak skin but he's with a garbage team and now the nights are a really good solid top five program in the nhl and i think you've got to figure out a way to make this deal happen that's all there was the report during the season when the golden knights for trying to trade for carlson at the trade deadline and the report was that cody glass was the deal breaker if the ottawa senators yes wanted cody glass and george mcphee wasn't willing to part with cody glass i jesse grainger comes on the show while to have them on at some point and talk about credit class because jesse grainger loves cody glass jesse grainger thinks cody glasses.

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