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From workhouse connect in a j Benza. Vein. He liked to be walked on a leash and play really dirty kinky sex camps is the guy put the cop and the peacock network. Okay. Okay bitch. Hey, everybody AJ Benza here for famous bitch. It's March twentieth. Twenty nineteen. What are we ten days away from the end of the month? Not bad. We're getting through much. Okay. Good. Although tomorrow, I'm going back to my action tonight back to my anger management back to the site of the blow your nose, the bop. Ville. Find an end to that and seek xactly what trick me off. Wanted to talk to you today about the the Time Warner chairman and CEO who was taken down by the emails of the text by the Hollywood reporter that pointed to a sexual reference, I'm sorry sexual relationship. He was having with the actress Charlotte Kirk and influence that he tried to help her get film roles. Now, the actress the man here is named Kevin Suji Hora. You might. Remember? I spoke about him about a week and a half ago. The actress remains she's probably quivalent of a reluctant witness in a trial by media put it that way. Because she's her comments today were I'm deeply saddened to hear the news of Kevin Suji Horace stepping down at warrants. Our relationship ended many years ago the release of the story by the Hollywood reporter had nothing to deal with me. In fact, I tried. To prevent it. Whatever differences we may have had in the past were long since forgotten. I only wish in the best of success in his future. Endeavors. Look while this guy doesn't exactly fall in the alleged predatory category. So you HARA was the latest in a long line of Hollywood male executives who were taken down because of horrible judgment. That has led all Hollywood to question. If if this guy should be the executive leading the fused companies eighteen t and Warner media should he be leaving them into future. The answer is no, right. This girl wanted him this girl went after him. He's a man she's a woman she wasn't underage. And basically, look I support me to abusive abusive power or an abuse of power should always be called out. But I don't support women who take advantage of metoo or men in high places. Their users those women, I read the texts she center, it was very very fatal attraction, very boiled bunny. She wasn't innocent. She's no foolishness. She played the guy. And now she blames the Hollywood reporter. She says I only wish him the best of success in his future. Endeavors bullshit all around. Are. We to steriods Lee believe that every actress announcing her metoo moment is telling the truth and not spinning what is known as let's face it in a lot of circles common practice to their advantage. A lot of actresses sleep with powerful men that is a common practice. That's how this whole metoo thing got started. Because what we normally call a common practice got out of hand. But playing women play that common practice to their advantage. And if you think. Wrong. Have you at all noticed the deafening? Silence. From some very prominent actresses over me too. Having forbid. Very use of of their days employing, the common practice ever got out. If that was revealed my God half of Hollywood would be marched off to the gallows because thousands of women have done it. But Charlotte Kirk subunits woman, she didn't get enough acting work. I tell you what's really funny..

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