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Pray a lot of people another referencing another episode shipping when people imagine that to care here is in a relationship a lot of people ship luke and hon which is very amusing they're both highly attractive i can see why people would do that yet told very different thrilling just opposite personalities but both very brave yeah kilometer shipping right now anyway so gentle okay great what you have to say if you heard that notoriously harrison ford is a terrible kisser that all of the leading ladies who have kissed him in films have said this interesting i just read this seal is that a rumor or is was probably some here's also let's discuss what exactly makes someone a terrible kisser where they wouldn't learn also like on a besson kissing well in film magus you are oh i guess you are in film stage you gotta look real estate yeah so what makes him different on stage on stage you can really fake it like today it's you can just like whatever but the cameras right there you gotta go for it yeah so what do you mean by fake it like what you like see tongue sometimes on films exactly never slip some of the tongue on sage they'd be like what the fucker they would punch you never do even if it's like a really passionate passionate yeah you would never know see that kind of detail no need but you make it look passionate okay versus film would be much more real harrison ford not know that like what's he doing that so agree gis i haven't had very many bad kissers is this the day was going totally fine and then we made out and it was like it was horrible like all it was like he was choking me with his tongue it was the worst thing i was like how do you think that this is proper and how has no one boil them i thought he was eating my face off like i thought i was going to no face and it was astounding to me in our thirties that anyone thought that that was okay well we'll see very who's grown or maybe it was horrible but i think those experiences in your thirties or rarely most people think complicated what did harrison ford do.

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