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Park next week. They will host the Ravens at Orchard Park. 27 24 No Hail rivers. We saw the Hail Murray against the bills earlier this year, but no Hale know Hale rivers. I don't even feel my first football to the end zone. See what he did there that cry me a river Ha ha Buffalo Bills Radio network on the call there the bills with the 27 24 victory. They get their first playoff victory since 1995. That's it. That's the weekend that we saw Super Wild card Weekend a unique wild card weekend because there was just one team in each conference that got a first round bye due to the extra team, the seventh wild card or third wild card team, I should say 17 allowed in each conference to qualify for the post season after all that, Monica did you learn anything? Did you love anything? What do you take out of this super wild card weekend? I think I got a tip my cap to the Browns. I don't know about your force Respect card from Miles Gary, but I definitely didn't anticipate this one going like that. I do remember saying last week on the show that that was an intriguing matchup because the Steelers that kind of limped into the postseason, but that dominant performance who even though Part of it was from been dropped This burger feeling very generous to the wrong team that won intrigues me. I think the Ravens intrigue me as well down. 10 out. The 3 10? Yep. And then there were 10 3 and then love Marge Jackson. Big trust, responding in kind showing up in the playoffs. Those are my two on the A F. C started NFC side. Let's see. You know everything held. I did toss up for me, Seattle and the Rams. I do not really think that whoever went has a real shot against Green Bay that game. Like I said earlier, asking like It doesn't matter. You got a quarterback without thumb, you might have lost your best player on defense. Or you got Russell Wilson. Doing what we said, would be the problem for the Seahawks. And what week seven we gate like he has such a small margin of error that you can't afford it. And so Predictability so far for me. Yeah. Also so loved your boy. Taylor. Hi, Nikki. I thought that was one of the funnest moments of the wild card weekend when Hi, Nikki was diving for the pylon, throwing the throwing The rock all over the place made Tom Brady in the Bucks work for it. That had to work for it. They had to learn that victory against that game Washington football team and Who knows? Maybe Hi, Nikki has has a future in this league. Maybe he made himself some money. But that postseason performance should be fun next weekend as the cream is rising to the top. We have the final four in each conference, and we will find out next week and who is advancing to championship weekend in the National Football League. Still to come here on game night with Tyler and Monica we hear from the Cleveland Browns after their surprising Surprising and surprisingly dominant victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. That's next. Listen. The game night, ESPN radio and the ESPN..

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