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Water, spins. Elitism base on athlete. On a dance. When it lands Danes. He still didn't ever to sixty six and gives the Bank back to back of this. Stephen, Adams and steel and. This is just last Thursday. So Russ little whatever this is just last Thursday. He tried. Where you want them to go? This was better. This is better. Yes, Ozzy stiff doesn't it? Step. In honor of you, Stephen. Paul george. That we could call the poster any country. Freight. I mean, this is huge. We'll talk about this in a minute with the MVP conversation. But this is when they needed him most PG bird back in the eastbound, I think this is better what he did to Janas quality of opponent. The much higher quality. Player. Abroad. Court locker. Anywhere by the game. Gracia blocker to. And PG PG dropping thirty six points thirteen boards last night. Look, the bucks. They were the top team in the Eastern Conference coming into this game yonder certainly getting a ton of MVP buzz. But there were several times in this game where the thunder just walled Jaanus out of the paint when he wanted to where he wanted to comfortable with the ball. And also at the end of that game that dunk on Yoenis it didn't come like in the first quarter came Akron. Chime when the thunder need to hit the head three. Where are you guys right now on the VP rankings who do you? Go wear and did did you honest and Paul George change at all in your mind on this was here. Paul George was here in that game. Paul George move there. Behind him just attack. Paul George has been unsung hero. This team issue of The vote okay? Casey he has not been talked about a whole lot. But he you if you look at his stats this year, you look at okay, see where they are. This guy is playing MVP basketball right now. And it's going basically almost unsaid until now everybody starting to see how Well Paul starting to play. So I I'm looking at him in his game right now phenomenal. He was leading the league in steals. He he's averaging twenty seven game is that what your twelve rebounds percent? I mean. Yeah. And he's he's he's shooting ball brilliantly you'll from distance. So the dagger last night that three did he just just rose up shot? You know, that was a making this comes after just dumped on you on the so I'm going with Paul George coach told me where Paul George's, and we're Yonathan joys here. Yeah. John ac- Dame's harness here. That's. MVP conversation right now what he's done in for him to just not just the numbers, but winning coming with those numbers that's phenomenal. And so he's a front runner for now. But between those two this is the tough part because I'm going to give an answer and half the population. Go get angry that impact there. I gotta go with Jaanus. I think he's been consistent with his numbers. And I think he's a bigger part of why his team wins the Paul Georgia's. And that's not to say Paula Jones in a big border, then winning, but he's got some help Janas not so much. Not not in the caliber of Russell Westbrook help right? And his team has been better. Not just a better record the best record in the NBA. Also, the best net rating day are tops in defense their top three in offense, all of this revolving, John I think he's got a stronger in B conversation that we had Paul George say George doesn't have one at hardness. Well, the the question was between those two. About what happens now that Chris falls back Steph curry, I still think has something to say about this. Looking forward to it coming up. We're going to keep talking about Anthony Davis. Because man is he's asked for trade. What's the best offer? The Lakers can make for him. Are Lakers reporter date mcmanamon is joining us after this. But first here's the jump recommends for today on the ESPN app in Begley has a story on Carmelo Anthony's returned to Madison Square Garden last night got a huge ovation from the fans told in a just wanna be happy. The peace. Come back. We'll be with more on that low and more on eighty talking..

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