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And happy to welcome in our next guest who's an analyst at Gulfstream park where they are smack dab into the final few weeks of the championship meet. The Florida Derby looms just over two weeks away, very happy to welcome back Brian down out of the show, Brian. How are you? Jason, I'm really doing really well and good to hear from you again. And like you said, yeah, we've got a couple more weeks left in the championship meet, the big day, the Florida Derby. So we've got one in front of us and I know you've kind of got one behind you. Swap and roll through. Well, it was funny. I remember I wrote a thing about Pete a while back in the blog and I was kind of saying you're like, hey man, the Pegasus is over. Congratulations. You don't have another huge national race tell that I realized like, oh, the holy bowl is literally Saturday. Sorry, buddy. Yeah. It's kind of the rest for the weary. No, no. It's funny. I think the last time we had you on was you were at fairgrounds, so I want to say it was very late 2020, like December. You moved your tack over to Gulfstream park. How did the opportunity come to work at GP? Yeah, it's just been great. You know, I've lived in Fort Lauderdale for that's been about four or 5 years now I've been coming down here wintering for ten or 11 years now. So I guess it was I think it was previous weekend last year, Jason, where there is an opportunity to sub in and fairgrounds that ended and I was freelancing, so to speak. And the opportunity arose and asked me, hey, could you fill in for the weekend? And absolutely. Yes, and sure. I can do that. And then it just kind of morphed from there and picked up a few days here and there. And then once the championship meets started, I've been there every day. So it was really beneficial to just to be able to work probably 12, 15 days between May and the championship meet to kind of get my feet wet and get to know everybody. I know that new everybody there, but get to know them on a working kind of level in relationship. So man, it's just been great and I'm loving every day of it. I was going to ask if he had to step up your fashion game because Ron and Acacia there, their snazzy dressers. Seems to have people take notice of that. Other race tracks that I will mention. Yeah, I did. There's no doubt about it. And I had to get some more sport coats and stuff. But yeah, it's sitting next to Acacia. On a day in and day out basis, yeah, I'm going to finish second in that contest every single day. Well, if I remember right from talking to Ron, he was in the fashion business early on in his career, I think, right? The Nicolas story is tremendous. Stores several of them. I think at the height of his powers, so to speak and quite popular and stores to the stars kind of thing that they did. So he is very in the loop in the fashion realm and he was in New York City and they had stores and making costumes for David Bowie and stuff like that. So yeah. I think twice every day when I pick out the assets, you know what I mean? It's so funny. I was thinking about this recently. A lot of people, your careers aren't necessarily this like one linear thing or one industry or whatnot. You know, I know a lot of us think of ourselves as race track lifers and some of us will be some of us won't be, but it's just so funny like the twists and turns your life can take and like to me his story is such an interesting one like that. Like what two different worlds than fashion and gambling? Oh without a doubt and you know he kind of reinvented himself and when he came down to South Florida and now he's mister South Florida basically for years and years and years and mister Gulfstream park and I would think Jason, you probably feel the same way. I know you love what you do. And going to work is not a job. So it's just to work with those guys and Ronnie. Ronnie's a great to me too. From day one. You know, I knew him to say hi. But never really that close and just he's welcomed me with open arms from day one. And you know, that goes a long way with me. I'll never forget that because that can go a couple of different ways, you know? And he's just been so, so gracious. We have a blast on a day in day out basis and like I said, I look forward to going to work every day. My favorite little nicoletti ism and I do it to this day and I'll do it to Pete sometimes when I call him he has a way that he'll pronounce certain names and they all replay show even back at GPW a winner for mister safi Joseph junior and so to this day I always say safi's name like that and then he would say you know mister McGill a Vasquez. It's like what else do it that way too so there's about 5 or 6 names at any time I hear him I say I'm in my bad Ron Nickelodeon impression. Well, Ryan, let's talk a little bit of GP racing and I want to start with what seems like I mean I feel like I've been hearing this conversation for a while now and that's the Topeka service not thoughts on it or anything like that but more playing it because it seems like everybody keeps talking about trying to figure it out and make sense of it. How do you feel as a handicap who's there every day kind of quote unquote figuring out a new surface? Yeah, it's difficult Jason. I don't think there's any two ways about it. I mean, you know, we're not really that accustomed to it unless you're, you know, you've played certain tracks over the course of an all weather kind of surface and when I first started and they kind of put it in late in the summer, it was very slow and I think it's tightened up a little bit. The one thing, especially when I'm taking trip notes and noting paths and things like that, I do think there's been an extended period. There's definitely been days is that government days where the inside hasn't been very good. So that's the one thing I've kind of taken note of maybe stalker closers on the outside of have been a little bit better. With that being said, it's come around a little bit in the past. I'd say three to four weeks, but I think on a whole, you don't really want to be bogged down inside, other than that, Jason, I think it's been pretty fair. You know, it's not like, you know, Keenan from way back when, where if you went 50 on the lead, you still had no chance. It doesn't matter. It's not like that. And the times have been pretty fast and horses, they really have come from all over. You know, there's been worse since gone 21 and four and they don't stop, but then there's been races at that fall apart because horses have gone 21 and four. So I think overall with the exception of maybe being down inside, I think it's played pretty fair, Jason. And you know, it's been it's been a good thing. You know, you're in Florida. Are you know how the weather can be and nobody wants nobody wants a 12 horse turf race washed off with 5 horses on a sloppy main track. So it's been very, very beneficial in that in that we've lost very few courses when we've been forced to move to the Topeka from the turf, the weather has been, you know, again, with the exception of last year being in New Orleans. I've been in South Florida for the winter for the better part of 12 years now. And the weather this winter has been very problematic..

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