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Seven we have the first two of our training camp two a days this afternoon at four PM eastern one PM Pacific Marlon Mack of the Indianapolis Colts will join us to war preview the Indianapolis Colts then in our five twenty segment which is two twenty Pacific Eugene Robinson of the Carolina Panthers will join us to talk about the Panthers as they try to get right in the end of the C. self but we got to start today with Tom Brady and his deal now a lot of people look at the deal and they'll say is justified it is what it is Tom Brady has been an amazing quarterback of course you don't want him to be a lame duck quarterback of going into the twenty nineteen season because this contract would come to an end so they extend him they do the right thing they push it out two more years it's not fully guaranteed per se so it's not like he he's going to be there forty three next year or forty for the year after even though he does have contract numbers of for those next two years twenty three million he'll make it this year thirty million he'll make twenty twenty and thirty two million he'll make in twenty twenty one but what's most interesting to me about this contract is that it flies in the face of the nuns since that we always hear from quarterbacks and we could drop back we can back up about two years ago maybe three years ago when Kirk cousins was being you know in his defense jerked around a little bit by the Washington Redskins on what kind of deal they wanted to give him and he obviously wanted to be paid top dollar the Redskins didn't see him as a top dollar quarterbacks we just kept signing these one year you know franchise type deals which blow up his salary to a ridiculous number and when you listen to Kirk cousins talk about it his narrative was you know what I got to do what's right for the position I can't take a less than market deal for starting quarterback in the National Football League because it's bad for the position and we seen this over the last half a decade quarterback salaries are exponentially exploding I felt like six five or six years ago when a guy was making twenty two million dollars as a quarterback in the National Football we're like wow and that's what twenty two million dollars for an NFL player in basically since you're starting quarterback is guaranteed twenty two million dollars you kid why the rest running back can't get eight you given quarterbacks twenty two million dollar full eleven or so percent of the cap and then there is a bit high is that one felt it just kept getting bigger then you saw a twenty five million dollar deal then you saw a twenty eight million dollar deal than a thirty million dollar dear Carson Wentz who designed this all season thirty two million dollar deal Aaron Rodgers thirty three Russell Wilson thirty five like the number is ridiculous the numbers are ridiculous and I get it it is a quarterback cleanup within close it it's a quarterback league you got to have a great quarterback in order to win in this in this league the problem is all those great quarterbacks who are making thirty plus million dollars a year haven't won in this league Carson Wentz who had thirty two million dollars wasn't even the quarterback for the Superbowl winning Philadelphia Eagles a couple of years ago that was obviously the legend in Philly Nick Foles this is a quick aside I got I think one of the great pressures this year in the NFL maybe not this year next couple of years in the NFL is gotta be Carson Wentz because if he doesn't win a Superbowl and they have their set up to do it they have good skill position players both running backs and wide receivers tight end I got a really good defense especially that front seven but if he doesn't win a Superbowl and six or seven years from now the eagles haven't one number two he's he's he's threatened to be like this weird footnote in the history of the eagles franchise because as great as he was that season even actually win the Superbowl that was the legend of Nick Foles he could be second fiddle in an interesting way the legend of Nick Foles that's a that's a story for a different day maybe we'll get to that we do our training camp two days with the Philadelphia Eagles but my point comes back to these guys making thirty plus thirty five million dollars a year and one of the reasons that their agents and them by extension justify making that much money is because you have to do what's right for the position you know who's been middle of the road paid quarterback over the last couple of years well you guessed it Tom Brady Tom Brady just turned forty two years old he gets for water with an eight million dollar raise an eight million dollar race two twenty three million dollars eight million dollar raise what I'm saying the twenty three million dollars which is still twelve million dollars less in these guys who are the top in who had to make that much money because they had to advance the other quarterbacks around the National Football League what about advancing your damn team instead of the other quarterbacks around the league I've heard this narrative for years you have to take it up the next step market deal you have to do it because if you don't then it's a disservice to everybody else they did a position that are coming behind you not on your team they're coming behind you on someone else's team well let's just take a quick recap of what Tom Brady has done the last three seasons because we tend to forget that he has been paid about fourteen fifteen million dollars over these last three seasons well he went and won a Superbowl against the Atlanta Falcons an unbelievable highly entertaining fashion especially in the second half he won the MVP the following season at forty years old obviously they lost that Superbowl to the aforementioned Philadelphia Eagles but he was the MVP at forty years old and if it hadn't been for a couple of really great sequences for the Philadelphia Eagles he might have won that one as well and then didn't step of having a hang over from losing the Superbowl what does he do he goes back to the Superbowl and wins this year against release last season against the LA rams so in recap Superbowl champions league MVP Superbowl runner up Superbowl champion making fifteen million dollars a year taking below market deals so that his team can be better not the other quarterbacks bitter coming behind him in the National Football League and so I see this deal from Tom Brady and I get really like at eight four streets me that they he's really the only one of all of these guys who've made a ton of money for a lot of their careers it sees the big picture right we don't talk about it this way we talk about Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest quarterbacks it we've seen his skill set one championship number he's got six Russell Wilson Geisel dynamic every year I watch a minute it's amazing what he does without office of line ever since martial law which went away that run game has been a special he's got he she should win the MVP guess what he doesn't Tom Brady was the MVP right Hey good lookin Carson Wentz he's a superstar in the making he's the future thirty two million dollars is well worth it we got a bargain for thirty two million dollars for a guy who's been in the league for two years three years been hurt for most of it and hasn't won a Superbowl yet I don't understand it I don't get it it frustrates me especially when I look at a guy like Tom Brady yeah maybe he does have the benefit of having a super model for a wife you can't help but that he found Giselle or they found each other I should say they they do they have a beautiful family she makes a ton of money and maybe he doesn't need it but along the way he's continually given the New England Patriots a market rate deal he's continuing continually restructured his contract so that they can save money on their salary cap by the way his eight million dollar raise this year and restructure the pushes out the twenty twenty one save the New England Patriots five and a half million dollars on the salary cap so are we surprised right we always one of the patriots do what the patriots do they don't really do anything what is their star do what is the best quarterback did severs grace the NFL gridiron what does he do his own selfish so when we talk about Aaron Rodgers and and Russell Wilson it all these look and even Kirk cousins and he's up Matt Stafford that their selfish I get it you want to get your job to make his money isn't much money as you can but when you're thinking about the other quarterbacks are coming behind you as opposed to the other players on your team that are necessary to win a championship then what are we talking about we're talking about the reason that the New England Patriots consistently win championships because their best player we always say this best players out of lead by example your best player is gonna be our hardest worker your best player is gonna be the one that everybody looks up to well not only is Tom Brady that for the new in the patriots he's also ridiculously and grossly unselfish to the point where he doesn't care if he's the sixteenth highest paid quarterback in the National Football actually think he's now like night there tend to whatever it is if you keep he finally got himself into the top ten highest paid quarterbacks in the National Football League so I'm never going to be surprised by the New England Patriots because they found the leader who gets it it's not about those other quarterbacks it's not about the president that's got to be set for the guide the signal callers that are going to come after him it's not the guys on this team the reason the New England Patriots won super bowls eight five five two one two four two two seven eight five five two one two four two two seven give me a call do you see this and now does make you think a little bit differently about your quarterback who did probably didn't you don't need to take an extra six or seven million the push to twelve percent of your trip your cap yes I know the salary cap going to go up I get it they keep going up but the flexibility that the New England Patriots have because Tom Brady is the most unselfish and greatest champion we've ever seen in the National Football League roofs why they will always be a winner is long it's terrific Tom there Tom terrific when everyone to call himself is their quarterback eight five five two one two four two two seven.

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