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And you can just just push here the wing going into that by trainers just talking to me and you'll see how doing so what was what was the trainer shame so firstly ki came over and he thought maybe it was a concussion. I was knocked unconscious and asked you know. Can you hear me. Can you see anything you know. I i can hear you fine i can see i know it's not a concussion. I just think it's a stinger. Just give me a few minutes. I'll get up off the ground and <hes> the eventually they roll me onto my back and i i'll never forget making eye contact with one of the student athletic trainers and when i rolled over and i made eye contact with her i could just see the fear in her eyes like she was terrified and i was that was like my first sense of something is wrong because my natural instinct is like look at the glass half full and that nothing i can happen to me so i never a million years thought something severe was going on. That's not where my mind goes to. My mind is always the positive spin or it's just a a freak accident or play where things are going to be fine because everything always worked out from everything went according to plan so when i saw her is it just it just started creep in a little bit and then they start asked me questions like chris. Can you make a fist with your hand. Dan try making a fist and nothing happens chris. Can you feel us touching your legs and i couldn't feel thang they kept asking these questions over and over again. I keep telling the same answer. Eventually the paramedics come over and they calling on for helicopter and that's when i knew okay this is serious at that point. I just close my eyes because that was the only thing i could do. You and i wanted to block out reality. I thought if i keep my eyes closed. Maybe this isn't happening. This is just a you know a dr- a nightmare that i'm experiencing. How did you didn't want to accept. It and i just begin to pray for god's. Please give me the strength. Let me get back to the silence. Let me be able to walk again. Just whatever you do you just don't change my life. I love my life like whatever you do. Don't change this plan for me but you know sometimes life as a better plan and for you than the plan you had for yourself so when you're <hes> you're lying on the field and you hear them call for <hes> helicopter. Were they telling you where they relating to what they thought was going on or what they thought was your reality. They didn't <hes> i had no idea what was going on and i think they probably knew what was going on but it was nothing that was communicated to even if they would've told me. I probably wouldn't have registered. I just didn't know anything about spinal cord injury like i just was completely oblivious to anything like that or that. You can even suffer a severe neck injury bad enough if the paralyze you like that <hes> so that was just not even crossing my mind at that point yeah i mean so this was also freshman year in college right yeah so so you're playing in front of a crowd of people assuming it has a whole bunch of your friends in that crowd also and obviously all your teammates. Have you talked to them in reflection about about what was going on in in their minds hearts at that moment to yeah i have in was actually kinda fun. I'm looking forward to did a documentary and they interviewed my friends. I've seen a couple of clips of what they said about that moment in that time and it was just really eerie feeling thing for them. It just all the life energy just got sucked out and when they had to resume play. No one had any sort of drive or motivation to play like everybody's thoughts were what's happening the chris and do i wanna keep playing after seeing something so devastating and actually my coach coach told me that they had a couple extra minutes before resuming play because the referee was so shukan up in crying that he had to collect himself before i even resuming the game the ref was fat sugar and up and then also my family was there i had <hes> a lot of family coming and there to watch and they actually eventually eventually came on the field the cheka me <hes> and they were concerned.

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