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Be another round of stimulus payments with seven o'clock for pouring a Brian Combs breaking now? What's the rush? That's question top Republican senators like allows Rob Portman are asking. They said They want to work with a bite administration on a covert relief bill, But they've told the president that they don't see a need to push it through. Immediately. New president wants to provide Americans with a $1400 stimulus payment. But the GOP lawmakers want to cut the size of that payment livid who qualifies for the next round of cash. The White House wants to get people $1400 direct payments and give it to most Americans. The Republicans in this group are calling for payments of up to $1000, and they're all most of that money to go related to lower income Americans. So Even that aspect of it, they can't agree on. But when you take a step back, it really is just the big picture price tag right. Republicans at the end of the day argue the president's bill is just too large. It's too sweeping. They say They just passed a $900 billion bill just a few weeks ago. A lot of that money has even gone out the door. Yet a lot of Republicans saying, What's the rush here? That's a B C's Mary Bruce more for the White House coming up on the morning show here on seven Ow! Ow! It's 7 16. Now latest traffic weather together from the UC Help traffic center you see health cardiology provides the region's most advanced heart care program. Visit you see help dot com slash heart for details. Major problems on South bound 75. The highway is shut down it Mitchell all traffic being diverted off into sync Bernard and that current back up is above the lateral. It's all due to an accident just above 74. Tanker truck involved in direct hit the median wall and is leaking diesel fuel. It's going to be several hours before the highway is open. Once again, they're helping folks turn around. If you were stuck in that jam and go the wrong way to exit at Mitchell, there's also an accident. Eastbound to 75. This is before you get before traffic is.

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