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S is and why anyone would kelch general science fiction is yet where it should silage just remind go k now explain to listeners who don't know assange is what that is right this is a google release android as opensource what the code islands manufacturers and so on can tight died package opting to their own version for particular found at drivers so on and so forth historically wilde with matter manufactures do that with new folk comes out there may be the next few weeks of android and then off that goes away off the like 12 months but there's no reason why someone else could in theory take the new versions of android which are opensource by move i liberal to phones which will ready on the market that's exactly what lineage does so it's tentative opensource people who will basically package up giggles opensource releases of android four phones that already exist that editor office things like features in options a tip lee available light that that might be distribue by larry with explode in some of their security stuff that's now in android but yes the they they support things like cpu of a clocking arguments announcements epithets by they do actually provide a bunch of extra stuff if you'll see tacky person but in my opinion the thing that they're most useful for is when your phone manufacturer stopped shipping you system updates you probably for the ladies people will not stop shipping use isn't the answer has that those findings system manufacturers who don't do that and support them so that it becomes the differentiator in management decisions absolutely and if cuba an ied only people during this debate charging a thousand pounds for found dead in a sowell three years li fashionable i think i am not even slightly convicts they said sugar to keep up other the body the moga boss before that so they released the november update before google dan.

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