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Now you've got a seventeen game season. Pat mahoney crazy talk about we talk about the super bowl like just made a great point. You got jp shaftesbury donaldson. Su vida and devon white levante like they're ballers on that defense. Not many teams have that i think is gonna shine. Obviously i think the defenses over in that division are getting better denver. A really good defense. I think the chargers defense will be better so it's gonna be a little bit of a talented cat against them. Darlington what do you think if the chiefs and i realize this is a big if had won the super bowl basically if that had the offensive line. They have right now. I think we'd be talking about the chiefs wondering if they will be the first undefeated team since one thousand nine hundred seventy two and i look out of line. I don't know when to project this team loses a game. So honestly i am so bullish on the kansas city chiefs that yes. We should be wondering if this team can go undefeated this year. Yeah jeff you're probably not going to like this but even with the healthy offensive line. The chiefs were going to be. That's heavy defense like so. So i'm with you I'm with you with you. Second jeff but like saturday. Go saturday I think even with the great offense of mine. I think typically dominates upfront either way go ahead i jeff i listen i. Homes has over fifty. I think he has over fifty touchdowns. And and i'm with i'm with darlington and honestly the he's gonna be lights out this season when you think about edwards a layer and the progression. I think he'll have in his second year. And being able to check the ball down to a player with that type of explosiveness and then add all the other weapons and seventeen games. Man you five thousand yards fifty almost sixty touchdowns potentially this offense is so nasty and they have a dresser offense of lime and they will help with that run game balance. I just love what they're going to do. And i think i think patrick mahomes lights it up like none other this season so saturday hold on. I want you to address. what darlington. Oh excuse me. What sancho said. I he said even if the line was healthy and that super bowl tampa's defense was going to dominate. Them was going to win that game. Do you agree with that agree. Listen i had picked tampa. Anyway i think tampa was a better football team in totality because of what. Todd bowles does on the defensive side but it got exposed because of just the mismatches because of the injuries but even if those those guys were healthy i agree. I think tampa's front four and the blitz package they put it would be very difficult the chiefs just because the books got hot at the right time. Listen we'll talk about all of them..

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