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Because apparently now she's scared. She's gonna lose her dumb show. Yeah. So let's just set the stage. Again, Wendy Williams has not hosted her show since mid December. When she went on holiday hiatus. We don't know when Wendy Williams is gonna come back to our show. They've announced a list of guests hosts throughout the month of February. They haven't announced anybody in March. But I'm imagining that press release will come out. Sooner than later. So the headline in page six is that Wendy Williams is quote super scared that she will lose her show. So sources telling page six that she is unsettled by the success of her Standen, specifically Nick cannon who has been guest hosting Jason Biggs, I believe that's been hosting this week Jerry O'Connell setup to host Michael Rapoport, a few other people. So apparently Wendy Williams being absent from her show hasn't really made the show itself suffer too much. See I would think this would be frustrating. If you host a show, and it's called your name, the Wendy Williams show, and you go away from your show and the ratings don't tank miserably. Then I wonder if people the longer you're gonna begin to question. Why? In fact, you're there in the first place. Sure. And if you're to believe page six that's exactly what's happening is that Nick. Cannon apparently has been a really hit huge hit with her audience, and it's really been tough for her. And I think the fact that Nick cannon being they're they're already messing with the format. I think that they're doing a view like panel with a bunch of commentators doing the hot topics and she said, it's like watching them screw around with her baby. So that's what the source of page. Six is saying about Wendy Williams being gone from her show. Now that makes me wonder who this, you know, who's telling that story, right, right? Like who's feeding who's the source, and why are they feeding that line? Well, exactly now, we read a blind item earlier in the show during blinded by the item that's the segment where we solve celebrity blind items and the blind item. What have you to believe that maybe the source of this page six story? How is Wendy Williams is husband Kevin hunter and his mistress? Now, this would be important because Kevin hunter is also one of the executive producers on the Wendy Williams show. Yes. So that's fascinating. Yeah. So what you're saying is that her husband, even though we just heard from Nick cannon, a spouse, you know, profusely on the show and Wendy's absence that not only was Wendy doing amazing that she and her husband have an amazing relationship that was kind of weird. Yeah. Considering that, you know, the husband allegedly has a longtime mistress who may be having his baby. And they live down the street from Wendy Williams. It's really really messy. But that behind the scenes you have her husband actually, trying to push her off a cliff. Yeah. But what would that benefit him as the production or is the person behind the scenes of the show? Well, you know, that's a good question to ask Bradley. How would how would Kevin hunter benefit from that that I'm not sure that we can answer that right now. But if you go over to the Daily Mail, it seems that if Wendy Williams doesn't come back to her own talk show, it may benefit everyone who's actually working on the Wendy Williams show because there are producers who are dishes, the dish over at the Daily Mail saying that the show actually in the climate and the Wendy Williams show is much better without Wendy Williams being there and specifically Kevin hunter too. So that also leads maybe who's actually leaking these stories so the Daily Mail reporting that staff at the Wendy Williams show are really happy with Nick cannon, Jerry O'Connell. In fact, they would love it. If one of those guys took over the hosting duties permanently during this talk show. Well, and even if that's not true. Here's another. Wrinkle you do you could see how somebody like Nick cannon would be pushing stories that would make him. Look like, he's doing an amazing job. Not even just because he wants to do that show permanently. Let's just assume she's gonna come back someday. Yeah. But that he is angling to get some sort of opportunity post hosting for Wendy Williams. You know, what I'm saying is you can take these stories to a network and say, look, these people want Nick cannon to have his own show total Wendy Williams on staff was hoping that he would take over for her like I could just see a world in which Nick cannon has people sprinkling things to page six that makes him look like he's doing the Lord's work. And meanwhile, he's being two-faced about it. And it wouldn't be the first celebrity do this. He's going on the show itself. And you know, a few simply praising the host in her absence. Of course, he's going to service that narrative because he realizes like, look, this might not necessarily be the Nick cannon show. It is the Wendy Williams show, but me doing a good job on this show. Will mean the Nick cannon show could be just two steps away. See you gotta think oh, man. I can't just take everything at face value guys because I can. Here the people out there for and Julia who would say like why does too complicated is. I think Wendy Williams has some graves disease. Back. Meanwhile, again, we don't know when Wendy Williams is going to come back to her own show. She hasn't said anything. This is an indefinite hiatus Intel we've been notified, otherwise, Laurie and Julia here on the calling of Bradley show. Yeah. Regarding when when you Williams have they talked about her and all, yes. Lori and Julia I've talked about Wendy Williams. Now, they think that there is definitely something going on between Kevin hunter, the husband and Wendy Williams. He's also her manager. And so there's that kind of relationship. That's also going on. I think.

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