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Yes. Morphing configuration, because shop Alaw and Doug is I. Yes, there, first because the portray plays in w. Evans for vinca. It's Edmund sit surpass and then stem Atraaf against OJ LES seem. What's happened in halladay tonight and Birmingham? I how this is what I Don I come from Birmingham. How come they go some place today? In london. Weather's David ever. What has happened in a tell you what in Birmingham, they've had they've had some cooking munches today. A soccer against Sakari as a as a first round who were. Who were is six one four six six three. Pretty much pretense of a beat Harry the one in four and as you mentioned yesterday I don't and Williams on a more that was a that was a one much partnership fleeting research. It is. It is not been a good day for Matt, perhaps ways. He's not appearing on this podcast is both the honest from skirt and Vittori is over have lost. There was a moment where he started live streaming because MOVA match just because he was so depressed about the weather here. Oh, well, I doubt that would have helped. Vittori is my velocity Maria Sharapova in my yorker. And they are. Yeah. I much in four months, I genuinely didn't know she played tennis. I mean yeah I didn't know she I think she took it. Yes. She's lost minute workout, seventy it was seven six six love. Because my overplayed, that is a good win for Sharapova straight off formats out. Matt can possibly the divide? Yeah. Which is. I'm not sure girls is 'cause my thing I think it should be. She got massive serve. Yeah. I k- cover will say one in few months disapproving. Look in your house and risk loss to somebody, I've never heard of which is better surprise Milka bridge Tif off her. As a rank had lost Garcia. That's for first Rams, as well. Isn't it visa kunai Anisimov, Simonova Loomis? She won. She went through over tee Martin Kover. Yep. We will leave that one. Some stays beats Zhang and Savasta one three that's me orcre. But yet Birmingham was following more closely today. I can leave this Akari against the soccer was the first round of potential dot Googlers beat you strums with Petra Martic beat Alexandra. I find this result. Very interesting, Iran Ostapenko six love, six to overeager severe traffic. Lost his junior Wimbledon champion one of months darlings. He's not he's not an exhibit total wash. This potentially sounds. Silly is Spitak is she's eighteen she's, she's Betty, played at senior level. Although, of course, had a run at the French Open, but she's a qualifier, which is always dangerous. We know she loves cross. We know how. Dangerous and talented. She is meals. They know how outperformers to paint cO is a I think Ostapenko love. And to take, I think that's a big win feeling Ostapenko who now plays Joe counter is the stars or something. That's the knee phrase. Mr. Broncos in the mix. Roger Federer defeated John millman, seven six six three US open revenge. Joel foot. Sandra winner Gasquet one church one and that'll just about doing. I think we have been the tennis podcasts at this point here on this Tuesday evening and rainy, London, this the first tennis ball cost without tennis. I think it probably is, yeah, but it's been good. I wonder if anybody's listening as anybody still there anyway. We've been brought you in association with the Tigers executive produced came today, tennis balls dot com. That's enough of that. And it became how wash tennis there's a plastic and, and executive, what is it Moscow Israel with the y y we'll be back tomorrow? Hopefully with tennis having actually been plagued by.

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