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And look if if for some reason, they don't have Markey's Goodwin. Dante Pettus pure are sewn. They're going to have you know, hodgepodge of wide receivers out there and every. Target's going to go to George kill the thing is if you guard George kill, well, George kill can still get the Paul. Yeah. You know what? I mean. He's just bigger than you stronger than you faster than you. So I mean, I I would expect that to ruin his yards after the catch score because he'll grab the ball and just be tackled by five guys. But yeah, this is one where you have to monitor. If I told you Mike Davis was going to get twelve carries in this game. Do you care? I don't really care. I don't shot penny hasn't practiced? Yeah. I mean, I that could very well happen if Sean Penney doesn't play he didn't practice Windsor Thursday. Then Davis will be the backup. But I don't really care. I think this is the Chris Carson show. He's my started the week. Yeah. Doug, Baldwin Tyler Lockett, David Moore. Moore has not scored in two straight weeks higher like it last week by far the most targeted wide receiver. I believe he had to carries on top of five or sections. You're starting Tyler Lockett as a what? As a watershed for two. I he's a solid play this week. I would play him for sure with Doug Baldwin in with Doug Baldwin out that that doesn't change the equation for me with time. I walk it. And Russell Wilson. I think you can start as well there. I mean, you know, this was the matchup. Granted it was in Seattle. But this is the matchup where what he throw the ball like twelve times, but he had four touchdowns. Yes. And I could see something like that happening again this week came from Bobby Sylvester over there at fantasy prose. He said Nick Mullins pro-rata to a full season right now. Forty seven hundred yards twenty nine touchdowns small. He had four hundred and fourteen passing yards in two touchdowns against Seattle in week thirteen is Nick Mullins debtor than not. No, okay. The answer's no. I think when you only play here's here's the reality. If you if you have context for what Nick Mones is done, Nick Mullins has. So like take that Seattle game right in Seattle. Four hundred fourteen yards in two touchdowns that all came after they were down by Jillian points, and the defense changed..

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