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Presented by amazon. Good morning. play booker's bergemann of all in it's wednesday and this is your politico playbook daily briefing later today. Republicans are set to filibuster the democrats latest attempt to raise the debt ceiling. Just of mitch. Mcconnell has been saying they do since the summer. but here's the question. What is chuck schumer's plan b. The majority leader never passes up an opportunity to put the gop on record on issues that he thinks make. Republicans look hypocritical but privately. Many democrats acknowledged that this isn't going to get them out of the pickle their end because mcconnell is seemingly impervious to shame democrats are running out of time here are a few dynamics will be watching today. One is to filibuster. Carve out chatter real or nonsense. There was a lot of talk on capitol hill tuesday but creating an exemption to the filibuster for the debt ceiling. Particularly after joe manchin sounded ambivalent about it. These you came up and the democrats weekly caucus lunch where a bunch of members expressed a preference for a rule change over the tedious process of raising the borrowing cap via reconciliation by last night. Even president joe biden was suggesting there was quote real possibility. The democrats could go nuclear to raise the debt ceiling mansions office did tell playbook that the senator hasn't changed his opposition to a filibuster carve out and even if he did. Democrats would still have to deal with kirsten cinema in this case however her office when comment could cinema get behind a carve out for the debt ceiling dynamic number two republican signal cooperation on reconciliation some. Gop senators are starting to suggest that they'll allow democrats to move quickly on. Reconciliation as politicos burgess. Everton caitlyn emma reported last night the pair note that quote. Republicans could ease reconciliation for democrats by yielding back. Debate time and smoothing the process and committee dynamic number three the private fears of democrats publicly the parties lockstep blasting mcconnell but some democrats privately worry schumer's showdown with mcconnell. Might blow up in their face if the public blames democrats for this mess. When senior house democratic aide told us there's no strategy that we know of it seems like he's going to try to create a crisis that either mcconnell or maintenance cinema crack democrats. Were certainly hoping that the monthly three hundred dollars per child checks that were sent to families over the summer would be a political winner in the midterms but they probably won't like the findings of our latest poll with morning counseled was the athol respondents. Forty seven percent gave congressional democrats credit for preventing extra cash and even fever. Thirty eight percent credited president joe biden while half of registered voters support the expanded payments only thirty five percent. Want to make them permanent. And i did. Democrats in congress are weighing at the moment. The payments are set to expire next year. Here's what's up in washington today. Starting with the white house at ten. Am eastern president. Joe biden vice president. Khama harris received the president's daily brief and noon by didn't in harris. We'll have lunch in the private dining room at one. Pm biden will hold a meeting with business leaders. And ceo's to discuss reason gutsy lane press secretary. Jen psaki will brief at twelve thirty. The white house in nineteen response team and public health officials holding briefing at three. The senate is in today. Expected vote of the debt ceiling. Sometime after two fifteen the judiciary committee will hold a hearing on the john. Lewis voting rights bill in two pm. The houses out today. We'll must thing before we get out of here. No rest for the weary bills. Alexander bolton reports that senate majority leader chuck schumer indicated tuesday that the chamber may plow through its scheduled. October recess slated to begin until eleventh. All right for more newsham with breaking in dc right now. Subscribe to the playbook newsletter. That's at politico. Dot com slash. Playbook or music is composed by brake master cylinder. I'm riggleman of all in heavy great wednesday. We'll see first thing tomorrow morning. The federal minimum wage has been stuck at seven twenty five an hour since two thousand nine in the same time. Food and beverage. Costs have increased. Eighteen percent transportation costs up sixteen percent. Housing costs up. Twenty three percent and medical costs up thirty. Two percent in two thousand eighteen amazon introduced a starting wage of at least fifteen dollars an hour for all. us employees. A new independent study found that amazon's wage increase produced a two point six percent increase in the average hourly wage among other employers in the same market. Learn more at about amazon.

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