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And I'm thinking of all the things I would do that. I might enjoy myself one hundred million dollars, right? If I had ten billion it's hard to think of how that would be different in kind. So you think of the activities who have that much people who have that much? I don't think it's being. Went on lifestyle. I think it's being spent on power, right? It's being spent on acquiring still more properties or or companies often the congenital more wealth or it's being spent as you see with the coke brothers on real lining. American politics, in some way, that's either to their economic advantage or to their ideological taste, and that lines up then making it that much harder to live in a society that enjoys social mobility there. We also just have to break this idea that the fewer rules. There are these year. It is to get ahead turns out that doesn't work, and we know that doesn't work because we tried it, and it sucks it does kind of feel like I'm not sure that and never having had never having been in either the top point one percent or put more zeros than it must be nice. Seemed that there's there is a growing gap there with, you know, the, hyper, hyper super rich and be that there is more of an aspirational envy based politics around at the people who are not quite in the super upper echelon are still following the super upper echelon on Instagram. Right. And like, the the natural human tendency to picture yourself as the victim of your own story can get can get way out of wack when you're somebody who is objectively doing just fine. But who is paying attention to the people who are doing better than you like how does that? And that's that's not even talking about changing the status quo. So that some people have less power that's just like dealing with the status quo as it is. How do you persuade people who are convinced that they don't have everything and are the losers that in fact, they're doing pretty okay? Well, what do we persona seventy allusion about how hard it is for middle income people in the middle class to do what we would consider as being okay, right? Because of the insecurity of it. Because of the the fear that goes with the fact that you could be more or less average and be really a couple of bad turns away from ruin in your life. And that's the things I think we have to change with very specific policies around healthcare and portability of benefits, and maybe even basic income. And so on. But I do think that culturally we gotta ask what do we celebrate? Right. And this starts at the top. And it does matter. It's one of the things that matters with the presidency, right? If the president is a billionaire who celebrates billionaires and thinks that being a billionaire reflects greatly on your character, it's different than if you have a president who celebrates achievements in the arts and the contributions of teachers and the civic life and with the possible exception of military service. I don't see a lot of forms of non selfish achievement being celebrated by those who are currently in power something I always like to remind people. It's no matter who the next president is you can be dealing with congress. That's legislation sort of comes from this limited influence, but at present does get to pick their team. And that is one way which it makes a big difference who's in office. And how do you think about that? I mean, if you're in the White House you gonna call up. All the assistant secretaries from the Obama administration bringing back in is under secretaries. Or is there is there? Some kind of something new approach some. What are the first things you learn when you when you an executive role as you gotta find somebody who's smarter than you are at each particular issue and put him in charge of it. So that they can give you advice. And then what happens is they wind up. Like, you get the best people you can't in the room to solve some issue..

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