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Rosa's Zip Line in March theater. You can't just sit in the front row and smoke cigarettes issue. We gotTa Talk About Wyoming Whiskey. These these These barrels that should be around the neck of Saint Bernard or Jamaican slave making Karen. My barrel slave breath. You're paying me. Can you please go to the ATM? You take care of five hundred fifty dollars for five hundred fifty dollars off do anything you want man. Let me take five hundred. I guess you're on your. Oh they gary your own Norfolk so argues that Wyoming whiskey who tricky rare the barrel Dude Lewis down it. It doesn't work like that aging it's aging. Don't open here. Don't open it. It's age. I couldn't open it. Jay The whiskeys fucking aging K and Wyoming West. They donated. Are WE GETTING FREE. Barrel at least of the stuff we've got to let it age because for the stand by the way they tricked me into doing free ad read on our fucking show sick well let us smoke weed inside and Shit. Yeah and we do sexually harassed the waitress and we as you well. You stopped seeing we. Whatever did we do know you do it is somebody got brand new. Louis Louis. If you get branded I swear to God I'll give you everything my wallet right now including I'll give you my credit cards for one hour when he's got Django giving your credit card hold up. Do I give Lewis my credit card for fifteen minutes fifteen minutes now because our you could figure out some shit you can get a couple. Tv's and a computer to in an hour and fifteen minutes. I can get some shit you could. I'm GONNA GO TV. And I'M GONNA order quantity thirty. Yes Oh my God I have. J. Credit Resell them. However Lewis you gotTa Take Brand Dude By the way. This is Tom from whammy whiskey. Thomas a white supremacist. He maybe he used to be a white supremacist and convince them to stop being turned around and he folded that's a swastika pre folded laundry with guy torry in prison spine. Now Jesus is making me uncomfortable. It's so close to your tab strategy tips tips. So does this flashdance branding that we say. We'll even brand your skin. I bet it wouldn't Ooh Wyoming Isky. Here's perfect here's the concept and wants us to sign this and then we're going to sell this for more money than it's worth to our fans not make any of the money from. Hey you WANNA travel home by subway holding barrel by by shots out of this Barrow after six weeks all right. We're not being paid for this. I want to make this very clear. Hey what are you could probably hitch your horse and carriage outside and get back on the Oregon trail this up outside of your your home so these will be in New York apartment. You got room for a giant Whiskey barrel who needs a love seat that you steal this from a New York skyline silhouette. Yeah Burn Dave. So these will be like when you come to the stand. You can the Legion of gang. Special drink were the Joe derosa special drink and Joe Joe's barrel as well. Why Oh my God you putting on my neck where we're GONNA sign it. I'm just I'm just writing. Don't buy this my barrow. Barrow is so much smaller than yours. Yeah you get a barrel. I'm I want to point out. How Paul Paul suckered us that the fucking Dago. Shit owners of this club suckered us well. You want folks. We branded it. We signed it. We can't drink it because it's aging. Hey anybody want to win a burden. Anybody WanNA winning all night burden says that a taxi bourbon. It's a tendency burden and one lucky fan will leave here with a child. You have to raise to answer your question. No it won't fit in your backpack. You're going to need an uber. Where should I? Which side should I signed a backside? Okay on the rump. Yeah we'll get Mike's fat ass in the fucking thing came like you do a fat ass dude that acid looking you do good job. Tiny gay barrel ha three more weeks of being a tiny bitch. That's the name of the whiskey three more weeks. That's when you can drink it guys give up for Wyoming Whiskey Hell Yeah Wyoming Whiskey guys steadily keeping Louis blocked by giant barrel for the rest of the show. Guys Mike give me favorite puts them suspenders on that thing and get naked inside of it you drive up to Niagara Falls..

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