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And then Monday and Tuesday, looking pretty great and shower in the couple of Senator and son Cos. Glady out there right now. 43 degrees in Seattle. New information about the disappearance of a Boeing passenger plane operated by an Indonesian airline. ABC is Julian MacFarland reports. It's believed there were more than 60 people on board. The aircraft is a 737 500, not the Boeing 737 Max that just recently returned to service in the U. S. That model jet involved In a previous faith, Linda knees and crash that took off from this same airport in Jakarta just three years ago, killing all 189 people onboard. Boeing is releasing a statement saying, We are aware of media reports from Jakarta on a closely monitoring the situation. We're working together. More information. Julia McFarlane ABC News London Sharp drop in altitude was detected just four minutes after takeoff and debris was found in nearby water off the coast of Jakarta. Here are the newest numbers from the state Health Department in the Corona virus outbreak. It reports that more than 20 or excuse me 4800 new cases of covert 19 and more than 268,000 total cases since the outbreak started. Worth pointing out that the total includes confirmed in probable cases and could include up to 460 duplicates. The state reports another 65 deaths from the disease, pushing the death toll. Just less than 3700. There's been a lot of talk about the governor's new reopening blend that goes into effect next week. A lot of small businesses say they're frustrated with the way the plan will work. Co Moh Suzanne Phone has reaction from business owners. Healthy Washington Reopening plan is a two phase approach. The Evergreen State starts at Phase one on Monday, and we'll stay there for at least a week. Moving forward depends on meeting four metrics. And phasing now depends on eight regions. Instead of looking at each county, Pat boyhood runs ahead Bar and Grill and Ocean Shores, Grays Harbor County in the West region. He worries about the new plan. As much as I understand it, I think it xgo Ng to prolong the restaurants from opening. It makes no sense carry Lonergan Drinking owns Lombardi's Italian restaurants in Snohomish County. She says The regional approach is frustrating. I somewhat understand the philosophy of the regions. But when you have big disparity in the region from county to county, I think that's very problematic. Suzanne Faan common use And one of the largest regions in the phasing processes. The Puget Sound region, which is made up of King Pierce in Snohomish County's comas, Nick Pompom, talked to Seattle King County Public Health director Patty Hayes and tells us how those three counties air doing one of the criteria, according to the governor is having a 10% decreasing trend in case rates when you look at the three counties Still all considerably high with Pierce County's too weak case rate over 400 for 100,000. It's a very real sign that we are one region. We reached out to Snohomish County, too, and were sent a statement from health District Officer Chris Spitters that says in part quote this is all very new, and we're still examining the implications of the approach designed and implemented by the Washington State Department of Health. But director Hayes says the main problem is if we don't speed up the vaccination progress, this will remain a tough winter for us. Not only our case rates high right now, but if you look at hospitalizations Hospital capacity in these three counties or anywhere between 88 to 91% fall. The problem come honors and an 18 year old high school student just got the covert vaccine and maybe the youngest in the state. Brand Brayden. Eldridge, no relation to our Keith Eldridge is a medical Internet Swedish hospital and qualified for the shot. He joins the thousands of health care workers who are in the first group to be vaccinated. You don't even feel it. It's apparently like half the volume of a flu shot. Number five. No one's even smaller than that. I'm just so excited. I mean, there's there's a vaccine. There's an end to this. Mom. Courtney recovered from covert several months ago and still has lasting effects, including food aversions, and she needs an inhaler. On occasion. Coma news time is to 40 as we head to the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk. Seahawks have tied it up 33 in the second quarter between the L. A Rams and Seahawks. Dave Lewis has details all square in Seattle Kelly moments ago. Jason Myers with a 50 yard field goal. See Oxen Rams tied at three in the second period. Jared Goff now in the game, a quarterback of the Ramsey didn't start because of a thumb injury. In Game one. Buffalo with his first playoff wins is 1995 a win over the coals. 27 2 24 Josh Ellen threw for three and 24 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Husky man's basketball, still winless in the Pac 12 after a loss to California, 84 78. Eric Stevenson at 2017 3 in double figures, Husky shot 52% of the floor but undone by 15 turnovers. Sports attended 40 past the hour. I'm Dave Lewis. Come on News introducing TD Ameritrade's newest trading platform Thinker Swim Web. It has all the essential tools and trade strategies in a streamlined interface. No download necessary thinker Swim Web trading, streamlined.

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