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It's 5 48 on this Saturday morning traffic and weather on the eights and when it breaks and Crawford's in the traffic center, something new has been added on the capital Beltway, the inner loop in Prince George's County, Maryland. We start there on the inner loop after Allentown Road before you get to Branch Avenue. We have a vehicle fire over on the right side of the road way. At least the two left lanes. Getting by some delays of color says it'll sneak up on you with caution. Inter loop after Allentown Road for the vehicle fire over on the right side made the fire may be out by now. The rest of the Beltway runs quietly on the BW Parkway south about a couple of issues around I won 95 the first one is actually gonna be on the South bound rampant from BW Parkway to go east on. I won 95 the ramp blocked by an incident of the police nature, I believe, and then beyond that is going to be something else blocking the right lane. On the VW parked right over the top of the mark. Train tracks as you try to make your way South. North bound, not affected, no delight, waiting for an all clear on Route one through Beltsville, That's Baltimore Avenue at Rhode Island Avenue. We had one on its rough and the tow truck on scene. But at last report, those lanes were still blocked in both directions on the Virginia side. Hopefully they're going to be pulling the plug on this one soon, but we still have work on 66 in both directions. At exit 64 1 23. The lanes are blocked in both directions, so you need to ride the ramps. You get around and as traffic volumes, they're starting to pick up that started getting more and more sluggish. 3, 95 and 95. No reported delays. Hearing new issues in Loudon County is gonna be on Route nine near Hamilton Station Road with caution for the reported crash. Start the new year where your community grows stronger, joined the Y M C. A Today with a $0 enrollment fee to learn more about this offer and the wife's safety measures visit Y M c A. D c dot or gpi Me in Crawford. W T O P. Traffic's Gonna check on Forecast Now, with Storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets temperatures in the twenties and thirties right now we do have a few forties out there. But again.

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