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Shows you a little bit of something that we have seen from the whole group and that is maturation memphis. The talent was never a question is the maturity was he was his maturity going to catch up to his talent and he'd hat and you're seeing it also another place in this team when you put those things together you see debris on an eye. Netherlands should probably and they should be beating denmark. Whether they do it. That's a different question. You talk about maturity consistency as well memphis depends not shot of confidence. In fact he once said that if it was for more consistency he began talked about in the level of cristiano ronaldo and lionel messi. And that's a long time. We're going to mention them in the same two mentors by jones barcelona and then we are definitely in the best of him right now. Though one hundred percent. I think that maturity is made a big difference too because the talent. It's always been there. I think when he went to my tissue knots law pressure big boots and stuff like that never really saw the best of but from that point. He's gone out. And he's proven themselves to be one of the elite players in europe and to see store side and the system which overall kind suits him and he's being expressive with it. I think. I think it's a nice thing to see. But as lead through that when he goes the boss loan in a few weeks time. That's a whole different type of pressure different tests to try and be playing on that sort of level of somebody who's arguably not according to shocker. Anyway what are the greatest of all time is going to be interested in going to be great of all. I just don't see he's the greatest tilles wooding until he's my don't mess with native native is a little a little angry No bubbling under italy win these set of he's torn right because he picked.

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