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Is on dylan and you'll excuse head coach will they kick it never know all cow snap hold andrew schmitz kick is up hit across no good at is picked off by the blue devils off the crossbar wolf was going to try to run it now the whistle sounds and it won't matter wilkes rather the ball hit the upright bounced right into wilz is hands or of and he try to go straight down to feel with it i take the bag levi wolf brethren anywhere the rest of no you can't do that in i've never seen that date boss bobbed along the upright one in one of the defenders catches it in the nfl now you wouldn't be able to return that that might have been at knives down on sunday's thanthank licra saint 'damas on saturday's that way is dead insider oh boy well zach bennett nice snap these ridge high school graduate to order dillon andrew which mitsuo put a right off the upright and i guess it's at kinda day were that's the kind of thing you'd expect their twenty two to fourteen no the tommy's now start out half number two of the safety and a drive down for a nice touch down the end on a couple a fourthdown conversions and yet the wanda glenn called way back inside of thirty on fourth until when they got the first down at really was a catalyst yet at the tone set are here in the second half tucker treadle off the quick snap able to get the first down yardage it and jacques pera able to do it with his feet the punctuate the touchdown drive so st thomas's come out with eight straight points your early in the third quarter and this is gutcheck time now for the blue doubles we're going to find out if they are going to be able to hang around or not this is a big dr your you don't want to give it right back to saint thomas so we'll see if they can sustain anything offensively while the way they play to eric i mean they have they were so they will know lacquer with though you know really playing they show of the at a great first out but you got the the.

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