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Right yeah that's right i was touched a pro football player who died of a drug overdose within one day of len bias i forgotten his name with the cleveland browns as i was done and i've forgotten that was that was a one day story lynn bias was eight years years story every year after that with maryland it would be arcane you overcome the len bias circumstance and it was and there's the people at done don rogers yes to the okay he makes the hall of fame he's a half he's a health but he's not a wolf he's not a wa yes that's really why have been named the the most recent class of wall of fame at the nats ballpark has been named and i will tell you who these len bias we talked about len bias limb bias and told we absolutely should orally deserving to be in their walt williams who stayed at maryland when he could have gone that's stayed at maryland and brought honor to the school peter bondra of the washington of the washington capitals david oil the general manager of the washington capitals steve buck hanson luke wants to tell a st buck can't story spot here we see the longtime voice of the whiskey dagger a lot of folks will be why are you bring up luke but when you're a season ticket holder of the washington wizards they give you this insane little magazine we'll call it which the nationals has since gotten rid of and say you have to do it digitally and the magazine has beecher's about the players like to do in washington who they are where they're from that used to give you the roster of the other team which was very helpful they don't do that anymore that's supposed to be on your iphone but i wanna look down with the roster is you don't know half the players the nba now because we went strapped it on potential all that being said though there is an advertisement that included steve buck hands a very lovely fifty something year old man right probably in six districts totally shirtless and flexing can i don't remember what the ad council alan awry in there which we would not do i recall a single thing that's ever been.

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