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A lot of people, you know, the dentist. One was was Stenhouse Chevron his way into with Harvick. I'm sure hover. Call forget about that. And take care some retribution there at some point this season, just cling to clean his car out someday. Another the last wreck line castle must add throttle stick or some man, he went full speed into lamb Bryant Byron's car, and almost look because it was basically T-Bone at full speed were Byron's almost stuck. But he he got out of the cards amazing that these these guys get out of these cars like it's no big deal. They're safe like that Twenty-one corrector doing two hundred miles an hour, and all of a sudden the guy's going sideways and everyone's hidden collect pilot out there skating down the down the track at two miles an hour and trying to get stops. The Eric Morello had one similar to what happened to him and Kansas couple years ago where he broke his back. Whereas riding on top of David Reagan's car as it's like, a it's it happened. It's good. Yeah. So the wrecks the rest were crazy to finish the race off came down to green white checkered, and it sounded like there was, you know, agreed team orders. Have you wanna look at it from gives car that cow Bush was gonna let. Hamlin down in front of him on the restart, and then it was just on racing from there because I guess they figure both of them in line. Like that is better than having spread out. Not sure what the car behind you to do is. We'll leave it with those guys because they're obviously the smart ones know, what the hell they're doing. But it didn't make sense to me to let them come down. Because I didn't think how much every to get past them again would like to see them actually race it and see what would happen. 'cause there's two laps to go cars take forever to get going. And you got to trust that you're going to get some plush some energy from cars behind him that aren't your teammates. That's where I actually thought Joe Lagaan was actually gonna win it because those two are going to let everyone in front, and then McDonald's is gonna hammered out because I thought Cal Bush might make it three wide go crazy. 'cause you know, he's tried this for over a decade and has at one the five hundred himself. And so it'd be curious to see what comes out from that. Maybe they'll probably keep it in house. But it was just odd that a guy that competitive has called bushes. Granted all NASCAR drivers competitive that again that super competitive like that just willing to let your team confirm you for the betterment of team orders, which once again, I don't team orders team realizes just knowing just go on race forget the teams race forget what. Car. You're driving race, you know, but those team orders hamlet in front, and like I said, I was I was happy for him to wind just because of all the stuff that you know, Gibbs has been through with the Sanja de passing away, and, you know, have a soft spot in my heart for coach Gibbs 'cause my big Redskins fan from the eighties. When he was bring those teams to championships all stuff so can't complain too much. But it was a overall. There was a pretty cool exciting race Bata wasted a whole Sunday watching. It makes me wanna go. Go back to a NASCAR race since. I didn't get to go to last year with some other stuff going on probably won't get to go to one this year. As I got some big sports trips coming up like to Japan for the the Ray world campus going to be pretty bad ass, and then some other trips so probably won't make it to NASCAR race. On Sundays be washing. On TV wish. I was there, especially the nice weather like Daytona. So thoroughly enjoyed this race. And and looking forward to the rest of the season curious to see how this weekend goes because I believe this is the first mile and a half course that.

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