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Hey I had a email course finally this weekend but I don't want to break my character my identity I just want to say a few words about Bruce Springsteen I could please. I'm I'm very guilty of on being one of those people that hates cliche music I really don't like people that think that the eagles only road hotel California things like that you know I just hate the most obvious a I'm a B. side kind of guy and few years ago I I actually realized that I like under wrote I actually like that song. and they're doing some Springsteen movie or these millennials are trying to get people interested in what they call American iconoclastic you know bands and groups even though they don't have a number one hit there's that commercial and there's this I forget what song and I think it might even be dancing in the dark rage talk about combing his hair which we can all from New Jersey and everything and I kind of thought had gone it a second thought it said you know what maybe I should look in the spring but then listening this bit here I realized that I probably just don't wanna look into Springsteen I think he's over rated do I respect them out of American musician die like Stevie vans and I'm sopranos yes I do but I was it was very interesting to hear that he never had a number one hit it's shocking is what it is I mean you you would think that Bruce has at least six if not ten number one hits but the fact that he has zero really makes you think about American music and how we rate it you know I'm saying. all the first guy that called in actually said you know I you could have a dozen I'm like yeah I bet the guy of the dozen but three the way you went the way you are question they're su I knew was going to I was gonna say maybe one not even one. thanks yeah not even on my dude thank you I appreciate the call he wrote.

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