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I think the the atlanta braves have done a good job um and i think the philadelphia phillies also in the nl east i think both of those seeds and and you'll get a chance to see them the braves upclose and and they say it another week so i'm yeah i i like what the breeze in the farm systems that they have have uh have developed and some of the young players that they have acquired i think that's that's a good sign for both of those franchises and both their supposed sam bases i work in atlanta and i'm a phillies fans so i know him both those graham basis and both of those stand bases are clamoring ownership to spend money and they don't want to hear about nineteen and twenty they want to hear about what are you doing to make this year's product a little bit more interesting yeah and i think one of the thing too is san diego has a fan haptic armed and you add in whether air cosworth a great player or just a pretty good player that it's a matter of of of debate but i'll tell you what that farm system there in san diego with um fernando todd pete junior and and some of the guys that they have uh that is an up and coming fit them as well so i i like i look at those three teams and say and they're all in the national league coincidentally uh both those teams will be there i think it in another year or two will you be getting any on burn in the next couple of weeks i will not leaving this week but i believe in the following we can all be heading down to arizona to check out the uh the cactus league and and we'll be there for a while so looking forward to checking out some of the other teams like you know the white sox are pretty dark too and there uh their farm system steve usa today be checking his work and solemn twitter thank you steve i appreciate your time this morning thank john good to talk to you dig at steve gardner giving us a little bit of.

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