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Door. What did you make of that. Well i actually keyed in on his last line where he said well he was an adult. That wasn't when we were kids as if maybe that was okay. If they were adults they were on even ground. I thought it was odd that he remembered exactly how much he paid for the monthly rent in vermont but didn't remember that incident. Well i'm not sure that he wouldn't be reluctant to own up to that. And those kinds of cruelties in indignities were probably so commonplace for him that i actually wasn't surprised that he didn't remember that i just took it as something that he did sort of matter-of-factly and he got a laugh out of it in the moment. And then he forgot about it whereas it was traumatic for thomas understandably charlie odd kept mentioning the psychiatrists that he had seen over the years and lewin objected every single time. But i was just wondering if you have a sense of what his strategy is there. Do you think he's going for some kind of insanity defense. Well it's funny. We knew that. Bob at the age of About eight or nine was fighting with his father and his brother so much that they decided to send him to see a psychiatrist. Bob is now saying that you know he was constantly going to psychiatrists. You know the shrinks were adam trying to get inside his head i. I'm not sure what that's all about. But i do think you're right. The prosecutor john lewin seems to think he's going somewhere with that that there is a purpose to it. I think lewin actually said what he thinks. The purpose is what lewis said was in this case. The defense is not presented any psychiatric testimony but what they did in texas was. They asked a lot of questions about psychiatrists with the prosecutors. In that case never oppose. And that's how they got psychiatric evaluations in testimony in the galveston case. Lewin wanted to make sure that kind of stuff didn't get in that way. What that raises for me is more generally what you guys think. Geren strategy is with durst. I think he sort of playing out what he essentially said in his opening statement. And that is. Bob is been this hapless guy more often than not who finds himself in the wrong place wrong time and he runs. I actually think and this is just my impression. But i sort of think that garin sort of using his appearance as a way to gain sympathy. Almost like a racehorse whose on its last legs but seems to want a race one more time. Maybe if he talks long enough you'll be able to humanize himself for the jury. Carry what do you think to garin. Strategy is here yeah. I'm not sure he has much of a strategy. And i'm going to go out on a limb and say he's sort of just winging it and to the degree that there is a strategy. I think it's all about creating a sense of pity for bob as brittany just said anyway. We'll see well. Thanks for being our eyes and ears in the courtroom. Charlie and we look forward to having you back. After the next day of testimony from robert durst in the trial of robert durst and just a reminder everyone checkout charlie's three part piece about kathy durst at crime story dot com and also check out his multi part stories about robert durst and about susan berman. Also at crime story dot com. Please remember that you can receive. Alerts and news breaks on developments in robert durst murder trial as well as new episodes of season. Two of jury duty the trial of robert durst by subscribing now on apple spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts again if you wanna refresh your memory on where. The prosecution and defense are heading their arguments in the trial. Go back and re listen to episodes from season one and head. Over to crime story dot com for in-depth coverage of the durst story jury duty the trial of robert durst is created and produced by carey. Anthony lewis. This episode was written and edited by yours truly brittany bookbinder. It was co produced by alexis of bartolo and brittany bookbinder. Music was provided by strike audio. Thanks for joining us. And we hope you'll come back for the next episode of jury duty the trial of robert durst.

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