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Coming home jose altuve and the astros i'll to leading the way among fan voting about four point eight million votes joining altitude in the infield for the american league first baseman jose brave from the white sox indians third baseman jose ramirez and the american insurance american league shortstop who's had a slew of trade rumors around him any machado starting in the middle infield with altuve eighty american league catcher wilson ramos from the raise boston's jd martinez also in the starting lineup the american league's starting outfield mookie betts mike trout and aaron judge houston skipper aj hinch will be the manager the american league squad when you see this list and you walk into a clubhouse it's great players but when you see this list in which you get to dictate who starts and how many innings and all that what's that like for you well i'm pretty blown away just the talent alone and it'll be nice to have everybody in one in one room you know we compete about these with these guys all the time so the the to have this roster together and when i stand in front of them for the first time it'll be pretty pre i opening for me just to have have the volume of stars here so i'm not really quite sure what i'm going to say or how many approach it i know there's a lot of guys that have been there before and there's going to be some first timers so that we'll have a nice little moment about it but what an honor to stand in front of this group of guys your journey i mean we went from arizona that didn't work out so well win a world series now you're the manager of an all star team you got a degree on psychology from stanford is all that play into how you handle this hey guys it's aj and let's let's talk about how we're going to do this game yeah you know i i guess i can talk a little bit about failure the experience was unbelievable and it's been the polar opposite here in houston we've had a run a really good seasons and i've got great players and a great for an office and then be rewarded with being the allstar manager is is really something i never even fathom anyone we're on the stage last year we're celebrating the world series you know the the perks that come with it or unbelievable the playing for the ring is one thing and then it keeps giving and giving and giving because we we talk about it all year and then we're reminded at the all star break hey by the way last season was really cool my whole coaching staff gets to go from this year's team in a number of our players so it's the gift that keeps on giving with when it comes to to the rewards of win the world series astros manager aj hinch you will head up the american league squad at the all star game next week murky league with two red sox in the starting lineup nationally has a pair of braves and a pair of cubs in the starting lineup much more from the allstar front coming up on sportscenter allnight also much more coming up from the green grass of wimbledon what a monday we have in store and that's next sportscenter allnight continues it's espn radio radio.

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