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Technically is part of the government in the first amendment is about federal money congress, right, whereas state, schools, take federal and state money, right? Whereas private schools, they can take federal money as well, grants, etc. But it's no different than that's why as Chris Villani. We were texting back and forth. And he covers the stuff a lot three sixty as you said, the Belmont country club doesn't have to admit everyone, but the Beaumont library does Belmont country club private Belmont public library, Paula lambing. That's that was the big debate with the circling back to capture Nick and just as a quick aside as wide. Exactly, right. NFL could have if they wanted to suspended him. I mean, they didn't. But they essentially told to delete tweets here. Yeah. Herald just practice private company. If that's where it gets a little very insensitive through its we'll say, oh, yeah. I really go at it with people passive aggressive, James. We're very Anita. He would but it so coming back to cabinet. People. Don't know what the numbers. I I get that. You're right. They don't teach a class. I will say in my in my ignorance, yes. Ten million dollars seems low to me it does it does. Yeah. Because he's essentially well again, he has the right to come back. And again, I fully you're right. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. I don't just throw Justice teams low to me it does. Because I love that ten million dollars. That'd be great take. Okay. You, and I think Christian too, and I think most people probably has ten probably agree. He was blackballed from the NFL -solutely. I mean, I Christian do you? Do you believe that you know, we probably was I would say. I mean, I hear people on sports up today saying, but but but you also there are people to the Joe Webb got a job. But you know, there are people offer JP lots. Yeah. He hasn't played in seven years. But you also know there are people out there that say call cabinet should have got nothing, but you shouldn't have won this. The NFL did what they want to win. No, I get that. But still people don't like Colin Kaepernick. They don't think they should have the right now. But let's let's go off the assumption that we all agree. By the NFL while he could be a backup quarterback look at the average system. Let's look at the average salary of the starting of a starting quarterback can throw that out the window because we'll say he'll be a backup, which I think he probably would have been in charge say five million throw the, okay? So in two years, you would have made ten million dollars. You would have already made ten million dollars. Four last year was twenty sixteen seventeen eighteen this would be his third year out of the league. Okay. So she would have earned that earn at least that at least. Right. If he was backing pro, plus probably it bonuses. Plus probably some endure endorsements from the NFL that he would have much make on that is making a ton of money with he has now. But so I'm saying by not playing in the NFL by being what we believe is blackballed. I think pretty clearly your he lost more money than he made in his ten million dollars ten million dollars. That's why I look at it, again don't necessarily know I'm talking about. But that's why look at it as a low number to me because I I feel very confident he would have made at least five million dollars more than that ten million. Oh, maybe more even as a backup quarterback. I mean backup quarterbacks can make three, but he would have been. Talent wise, she would have been viewed as a high end backup quarterback Brian Hoyer. Oh, absolutely. Who makes about three? Yeah. So yeah. So I would say cabinet could make five is a backup quarterback. I think as a backup. He could've been a starter in the I he he's better than some started his last year in San Francisco. I know they went to and fourteen. And then I get that. It's all about wins and losses quarterbacks. He had sixteen touchdown passes four interceptions yet quarterback passer rating of ninety which is good. It's not great. It's okay. I don't think him as you're starting your your team, certainly not. So all continue was was they had a hot. He's better than Mark. Sanchez was right late in his career. I don't even started games last year. You backing up someone in Dallas played in Philly. He's been on every team. It's like the thing is with capper, Nick. And that's why it's so obvious to me that he was blackballed by league is that he, you know, would have been you know, would have been better than some of those guys who started games. I mean, you could just eat some of the directs the league get some starts in there since he's been gone. Brandon Weeden got like a couple of days. You just mentioned you're the story about j p lost. Like you said who wasn't a good NFL quarterback? When he was in the NFL hasn't played for seven years and still somebody tried to offer him a deal because he threw at somebody's pro day. Right. Yeah. There's just no way that capper. Nick hasn't gotten a serious offer without some collusion. No way cabinet wanna play. That's a that's a good question. Going off the assumption that he did which I'm not sure it's true. But let's say he did it take him at his word. There's no way he's not good enough to play in the NFL at least as a backup about maybe as a starter. There's just no way. And then I heard beetle and Zolak we're talking today, and obviously has allegiance to the NFL and stuff like that. He's a conservative like, Colin Capra, single, this guy and Beatles agreement to sing. Well, there's guys like look at a guy. The patriots just brought in Michael Bennett. Who's had protested police and that they are still getting jobs in the NFL. This guy was the face of it. And he was the first person they look at him as the head of the NFL visas a snake eight so they will get him sending a message by sending it to first guy who did it anyways to figure it. That's the message is to Colin Kaepernick and a lot less guys have been protests. I mean, that's still there are some. But the fact is there's a whole lot less than than work. Doing. Oh, sure. Yeah. Especially in the fall of twenty sixteen on the precipice of the presidential election. And look Eric Reed protested with Colin Kaepernick and signed a sizable deal with the Carolina Panthers. But he's not the face the face of it. And it was and he was a quarterback and a quarterback to always the after the face of the team without any team. He's the face of the team. I mean, there's no way I will ever believe that. There's only two ways that I buy the capper Nick is not in the NFL right now one he was colluded against the blackball to he had no interest in ever playing football. I think any other way, I don't see as a realistic scenario could be true. So I think when you look at quarterbacks we'll get Michael Vick. Right. I mean, he got put in jail for almost two years lost a fortune because of the pit bull murders. Whatever it dogfight dogfighting. That's an interesting way. The pit bull murder. Let's sit Bal is coming up. Next sounds like a hallmark channel. I'm gonna work on that the people fighting if that had been like a backup safety somewhere that have done that. I don't think it would have been as big a deal because it was Michael Vick. Michael Vick was the face of the falcons. He was on the biggest stars in the NFL. Oh, yeah. Remember all the commercials and the Nike commercials. On the cover of Madden. He was maybe the most popular players. Yeah. He was never quite as good as Patrick Mahomes those last year, but now with that cool every like he was the most exciting quarterback. Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, he ran like a wide receiver. Yeah. And he could throw eighty yards. You're right in that. The interesting thing with him was that one he got there in prison for out think you should get thrown in prison for that for especially for two years. I mean Sammy the bulgar vinyl serve terrible human rights. It's a terrible thing to do. And I think that's. Disfigured lines all of that stuff. But. Exit. He was welcome back into the NFL. Was he got a chance became a starter again? But with this was like a bridge too far. They just weren't gonna go there, and I don't I don't buy that. He was not talented in the NFL. I don't buy it. I never buy it. No because he was a starter as last year football. You don't go from being a starter cruise. Okay to you can't play football more. It makes no logical sense. It just doesn't make any sense. There's a bunch of stiff quarterbacks in the league start and Capri Nick is better than them. He just is. And if you're saying if you are going out and saying you don't believe he's better than any quarterback in the league. Then you just your fool. You're kidding yourself. It's a completely bogus. It's just not true. Not true. You can't tell me that Brandon Weeden talk. Tabernacle teams also know that there's going to be headaches. If they signed Colin Kaepernick, and maybe they didn't want to deal with that. That could be right. But that. What is it? When you start to reach out and have, you know, text or maybe all thirty two owners emails that patrician. Why would that be more? Why would you get more heat for that than for reciting for signing Vick necessarily make the guy from the Cowboys Greg hardy, Greg hardy, I agree. I'm not agreeing with you on that. But I'm saying linemen the quarterback. But just say all the teams were like we're not going to go through started. So we'll be backup. Yeah. So maybe they don't want to you don't want. He's like he's not worth having around around backup. Yeah. Was neely. And and I think it was definitely a combination of that. Plus they wanted to send a message that could be too. But like if Tom Brady did it, obviously the dot going to get rid of they're not going to get rid of them. But if playing Hoyer did it. Yeah. Exactly rules for different backups. Yeah. No. I think all of these things talk cabinet could be a starting quarterback and get you to the Super Bowl you'd be back. Exactly that. But it's still the fact that he's not in football is has nothing to do with this talent. That's that's the false narrative that people are spreading that it has to do with his talent you can't play football anymore. And if the hundred percent, not true. Get that. But if it comes out, and there was collusion..

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