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On Justice. Hank weinbloom, Fox News. Onset at the mobile world. Congress happening now in Barcelona Microsoft took the wraps off an entirely new way to see the world. I'm extremely proud to introduce to all of you hollow ends to Alex kitman with Microsoft hololens to adapt you adapts to your hands and goes beyond gestures to give you the satisfaction of direct manipulation leading an experience. What if feels like for the first time to actually touch a hologram outside of the beefed up displays that will show an even more lifelike overlay on reality. The hololens to won't require any calibration between users. It contains two cameras that detect a user's pupil to adjust the images on the display one thing that didn't improve was the price the hololens to will sell for thirty five hundred bucks. But an examples that it's unraveling. It seems to be a better fit for business for now until prices come down to let us all be immersed in mixed reality with FOX on tech. I'm brett. Larssen Fox News. I'm Hank weinbloom and the word of the week award goes to the Oscar goes, it's time to open the envelope. And learn the secret to why they call it. Oscar, amazingly, no one knows for sure one story has it that in nineteen thirty-one a former executive at the motion picture academy. Margaret Herrick thought the statue looked like her uncle Oscar and the name stuck her uncle apparently looks like a golden naked man with no face another story. Former Hollywood columnist Sidney skull ski says he got fed up with actors taking themselves seriously. So he brought back old vaudeville bid where a comedian says to the orchestra leader. Would you like a cigar Oscar then Yanks away as he grabs for it? The Oscar they're being for cigar maker Oscar Hammerstein. My grandfather of the more lastingly famous lyricist who won an Oscar for this song. And Oscar for an Oscar thanking the academy with your word of the week. Hank weinbloom, Fox News. Fox on love with Ashley Papa they say time heals all when it comes to breakup, regardless of how long you've been together marriage and family therapist. Dr. Jane Greer has tips to help get over a break-up the healthy way. If you really are devastated and really need to get over this and move on its first role is to have no contact into stop following them on social media, try and really disconnect any contact or just seeing a picture of your accent. Social media can really set you back. And Grier says bring the focus back to you and your life. So that means, you know, making plans not just for the weekend. But give yourself something to look forward to something like a vacation a new class or doing something you weren't able to do when you were in the relationship. It's really about changing up the environments that you don't like just marinade in all the difficult feelings that you're having how you handle the break-up we'll make all the difference in how quickly and healthy you bounce back with FOX on love. I'm actually Papa. The dean's list with Janice. Dean UPS driver from North Carolina makes the dean's list for following his gut and becoming a hometown hero. Todd. Holland works in Ashby North Carolina as he was dropping off a package for one of his customers. He noticed that another package, which he had delivered a few days. Previously was still outside the front door. That's when he said he knew in his got that something was wrong. He began pounding on the door and yelling for an answer. When he tried to open the door and found that it was unlocked. He entered the house and found the homeowner lying on the floor. He then dialed nine one and waited with the man until paramedics arrived. He now hopes that his story will inspire other delivery drivers to show the same amount of care and attention to their customers a lot of these people that we deliver especially in these rural areas us the FedEx man in the mailman might be the only people they say during the weight, I tell them if you realize and get a gut feeling that something is wrong. You know, check it out because it it probably is. Thank you. Todd Holland for your great instincts. You made the dean's list. Janice. Dean, Fox News. From America's election headquarters. Democrats trying to woo early. State voters are hearing that when it comes to beating Donald Trump, we're desperate, but in early states in the last week potential democratic primary goers there are much more passionate about things like health care. What are you gonna do to offer quality healthcare to all Americans in South Carolina? Climate change is seen as a unique threat. I think our stay is very vulnerable with the rising seas ultimately people want presidential hopefuls.

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