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Of thousands of reports by very credible people airline pilots military pilots police law enforcement physicists scientists politicians that different people who have no reason to be making up the story of what they saw or what happened to them and yet people go back to the belief system if it doesn't fit within their world view they reject the data and that's our biggest challenge right now is but you know great changes always happen on this planet by the next generation those who don't believe dying off and the next generation coming along and picking up the mantle so I think the real future of this is with our young people and getting them engaged in getting them brought up to speed on what exactly is happening here are you a full report increasing or decreasing and how does move on verified reporting we get between five hundred to a thousand reports every month it's been a kind of a seasonal thing in terms of you will get more reports of the summertime June July August I think basically because it's good whether people are outside they're they're looking at the sky I think probably over the last fifty sixty years has been pretty consistent about what's in the skies and what people are seeing the Jorvik is my fun seeing any interesting trends are have you seen over the past few years regarding UFO sightings in the U. S. as compared to around the world why I'm interesting trends just come to a white the last two three months is the number of tic tac reports we're getting we actually had to add that shape to our intake form for people to report three or four sightings because we didn't ever have a tick tack on there but now we've put it there we're seeing a handful of reports coming through my name with great video of these tic tacs moving across the sky we had one just the other day I believe it was case one of six cents seven five six I could have a number wrong about private commercial jet pilot flying over Zion national park in Utah and there was a tic tac following his jet down below he took out his iPhone and took video of it and it's been on our website now for some weeks but that was followed very quickly by another two witnesses in Missouri we saw the exact same object flying over Missouri and captured on their iPhone so that's probably the biggest change we've seen what I would have said before this if it was a month or two ago I would've said what we're seeing a lot of triangles we're seeing a lot of words those have been kind of a mainstay in NEC all these strange looking craft I would also say that right now we're having a rash of sightings of the planet Venus because it is very prominent very bright and we're also getting a lot of reports on the starlink which is SpaceX's satellite system to create a space based internet system the satellites following a straight line so it looks like a string of pearls going across the sky those are not your foes with are you opposed to people don't know they are but they're actually I oppose their identify flying objects and in the case of Venus it's a natural phenomenon a planet in the case of starlink it's man made I have which is SpaceX's space launch of satellites in space well he knows his subject matter doesn't Cheryl or he sure does you could talk to Jan about this for ever but we have to cut it off at some point but it really he really does this down in the next segment we're going to talk more about disclosure and ask you'll be quite surprised at some of the some of the viewpoint that he injects which makes a lot of sense that maybe we haven't thought a whole lot about before so we'll do that and then talk about what MoveOn is doing for their upcoming out reach symposiums Tom and I met you again several years ago at the Stephen Bassett exhibit in Washington DC and yes Dr Edgar Mitchell the astronaut the late.

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