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She started bleeding. She also scratch on her nose and. Broken to other teenagers did suffer some bumps and bruises new law takes effect next month that'll require doctors to actually check database when helping their patients the goal is to try to get back on opioid, addictions and deaths. The state has kept the database, but it's not used very often by doctors and pharmacies. Home delivery of marijuana in areas, where the pod stores are banned is getting a lot of opposition from law enforcement and some local governments the head of the California. Police chiefs association says it would lead to more crime like robbery because drivers would be carrying a lot of cash. The bureau of cannabis control is currently interpreting the state law as allowing delivery in any city Woody Allen's wife and talking about sexual abuse allegations against her husband's soon. Yi Previn told New York magazine, the accusations made by Allen's adopted daughter, that's Dylan Farrow are unfair. She being soon. Yi Previn says Mia Farrow is taken advantage of the metoo movement and Parada Dylan is a victim Dylan and brother, Ronan Farrow, say the New York magazine is inaccurate time magazine being the sole to the co-founder Rolla big, cloud computing company CVS and Murray green says Mark Ben off and his wife for spending a hundred and ninety million dollars cash, and they're buying the magazine from Meredith which bought time earlier this year a couple. Who says they won't have a role in the day-to-day operations of the magazine or its journalistic decisions. Meredith also trying to sell fortune money and Sports Illustrated survey shows nearly one in eleven students have used we'd in electric cigarettes, typically contain nicotine, but results in the journal JAMA pediatrics me and more than two million middle and high school students have used them to get high coming up we're gonna take it lake forest. Checking on a problem.

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