Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC, Hillary Clinton discussed on The Mark Levin Show


It nothing right get autozone one hundred people free somewhere services have what you need to keep your go ride ahead on the road his doing at more is our what president autozone elect does best the person yet in that this organized zone autozone this protests a 20yearold students from st john's ladimir putin organized it so i'm waiting for the indictment of latimer putin by the great rod rosenstein and robert muller mueller muller where's the indictment of vladimir putin where's the indictment of the russian government tough guys we just like it on american citizens and brutalizing them and waking them up with their wives in bed in the middle of the morning are you just by threatening them with four hundred counts of tax this and financial that pathetic disgusting go ahead in new york and he actually receive one shut up you idiot why does anybody listen the cnn and msnbc i'll tell you why because we're a country great people and there were country millions we got both walker on the same sidewalks trimbe on the same street gene that the same restaurants so msnbc and cnn were willing dupes in this rusher propaganda against trump hillary clinton campaign she's never had to account for this and the dnc debbie wasserman schultz never had to account for this provided the seed money for the russian dossier in their indictment on friday in their pretend indictment their pretend charges like something's going to happen so cowardly are muller end up in rosenstein that even in their phony indictments they didn't indict the hillary clinton campaign chair the whole damn thing is a sham now we bounced back gun control don't worry ladies and journalists time really guncontrol just wanna control this kind of gun for this kind of age and this kind of stock and that kind of sight this kind of this and this kind of that don't worry when on out again anything then this clown jim hines from connecticut and not from the nutmeg state all over tv i think what they do is they find the dumbest liberals they can and the dumbest republicans they can and they just keep inviting them on tv over and over and over again right lindsey graham.

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