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On. I have to pull it up so you don't think I'm just making this up. Remember this back. I'd turn from look inside that it was Roy Moore and this is the chorus Some music was good. Wasn't your kids noise that noise you listen to look at my but look at my but we had real music. What Song is that? Look at my but I don't know that's that's that's the oldest thing you've ever said by the way now your music. Now look at my but look at my but I even my GRANDPA said ass. Call me on Whitney from now. Do you remember Sinead? O'connor yes since she get in trouble on. Snl Oh my gosh. That's your reference point. Yeah I think that's a shaved head. Yeah she was a singer and my day right. That's all I know. I couldn't send you one song can you I can. Oh I'm sure I'm sure you guys want me to guys are just sitting there waiting for me to do it. How DID IT GO MOMMA? What was it? Oh and since you've been gone no I know that one Sinead O'Connor no impairs. She sounds exactly like that as well. Oh Na income pairs the good news is better dead. Mom You have a very promising Internet career post pandemic and we can't perform for people anymore live. You're going to be great on youtube doing impressions of singers. I mean this pandemic has been great for my career. I mean is it. I'm going to pivot and pivot hard. Logan Palm Common for you for your money coming for your ferraris common for your tigers for all of it can you name the singers of Tlc what Tlc do you remember Tlc. I'm more of an HGTV. But I again. I love the dress what not to wear but deal see. You've heard the band I've heard the band. Yeah but you know what T. L. and see starts no TS tebas. L. IS LEFT. Die and see as chilly chilly. Are these names? Yeah good singers. Okay all right. This is so fascinating to me did you. What did you watch going? I mean Lizzie McGuire. I'm really young man. That's so sweet genuinely very sad. When Hillary Duff is like we're not making was McGuire. They were moving because they wouldn't let her make it like edgy. Right yeah I mean she's also the best. She's I mean you have. You met her. Is She the best best person? Oh I know the nicest kindest love like just like it's weird because I think that I've had my heartbroken by so many people like meeting. Heroes meeting famous people names. Oh honey let's see how this how this quarantine goes. I'm happy to burn bridges if there's the bird is leading anywhere when this business collapses I will name all the name. I'm so excited when I become a youtube star. This is the first time I've wanted it to get worse for now. I need to kiss everybody's ass though I hate them. That's great. She's she's like a delight lake rescues dogs like makes her own almond. Milk also has not aged an at all said she was twelve day. She looks exactly the same. She's maybe most beautiful person I've ever seen. It's nice when people are like nicer than you expect them to be. Yeah I know it's so it's so funny because you don't get points for that that's my thing when someone's like she's so nice it's like okay but you don't get points for that but we are at this point where we kind of have to when someone's not an. Asshole WE'RE LOOK. Thank you so much for not throwing something at me. I know like when did our bargains Solo. I know there's different levels to it. There's like all they were so nice. It's like really how. Why what were they like just like they sat down and they talk to me and they looked me in the eye and yeah I was doing. They said thank you. Yeah that's not the same thing I'll use you as an example You can sit here and feel awkward about this so the first time I met you was at the. Dc IMPROV Which I'm praying for every day. I love them so much. Dc Improv Abou I. What was this year? When did you feel special march so year ago was only a year ago year ago and I was headlining that we can you were filming your special in DC and the manager? Alison asked me the first day on Thursday. At radio she goes. Whitney wants to come in and do a ten minute guest spot and I was like. Do you still want me to do the show? And she was like no. I'm asking you if you're okay with Whitney doing a guest spot and I was like Whitney can do the whole weekend. Like what are you talking about like you know? It's just you know you're the headliner and like she's filming your special. She wants to just work on like a joke and I said Yeah. Of course it's fine. You came in you first off Acted like we'd met before we had not which was very nice of you. I was like this is like I was like. Here's say I think I had. I I sure seen you right. You know what I mean and I knew of you. That's what a nice famous person. Does they go. Hey how are you like you've met before it's absolutely the nicest thing to do because you know maybe we didn't meet once at the comedy store and you can't remember we. I'm telling you we hadn't because I would have remembered but I just thought it was nice that you came in like we're both legs were equal and I definitely didn't forget how you know. This is ridiculous. How could you even asked me so you came in here like we're just treated me like we were the same and I'm like we are not you could've done the show? You think profusely for a guest spot. I was looking at your but the entire time I was completely objectified. You thanked me profusely for ten minute. Guest spot did not run the Light Bhai a second game. You're shadowed on your instagram and then sent flowers to my hotel room the next day. So either. You're the nicest person ever. You have an amazing assistant and I left that we going winning. Cummings is the classiest person in show business. I think like who does that so that is for Tim and again sports. My first time ever headlining. This wasn't the first time you headline was at the Addison Improv A very famous comedian showed up. Asked to do a guest spot. I said sure and he did. Forty five minutes. That's insane us. Oh my Gosh Carlos Mencia anyway Sweat stains you.

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