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That are in contention to get that little chance to rejuvenate, maybe get an element of health. So I think it's worth something. I think it's worth a lot at various times of the year, frankly, earlier in the year, it's not that big a deal to me. Well, and that's the thing too. I mean, you think about it is just a week off and and everyone kinda looks at it and says, okay, well, you know the bumps and bruises and they do have they can get healthy with those. But bio weeks are really complex because as you mentioned, sometimes you don't want one. Sometimes you wanna keep playing and how many times have we seen in say you're the major league baseball playoffs. I'm like that you've got a team that rolls to the end of the season, rattles off six, seven, eight in a row to get into the playoffs. If they win their division, they don't play for four or five days, and that can be something that really stunts now I'm not a huge believer in momentum on. I mean, we've seen studies about it being kind of disproven a little bit what it is. One of those things where you get a lot of positive feelings going. You get everything going in the right direction, and then it all stops and that rhythm is over for you. And for the Chicago Bears here three straight wins that gritty road win on the road in that Grigny road win in Arizona, comeback blow out Tampa Bay. Hang forty, eight point. When you had played a bunch of close games earlier in the season in get that blow out. And then all of a sudden it's a buy week. And we saw this with the eagle's actually in Carson Wentz his rookie year, they were three and oak going into the bye whence look fantastic. And then they added some new things to the playbook. They kind of got out of that rhythm a little bit. And then all of a sudden the eagles beginning a very pedestrian team for the rest of the season. So they are very complex. And of course, as you mentioned, not just doesn't matter what the team and also matters with the coach because some coaches can't keep their teams up. Other coaches, you know, maybe kind of let the inmates run the asylum a little bit. Yeah, you know, it's a real gray area. I again, I think it shuts down the street. I mean, they're, they're playing good. Now you want sit there and go. The bears could be four. No, I mean, they were kicking themselves. It's like, oh boy, Paul Kersey was that Khalil Mack. He showed up and boy. He was dominant. But boy, they had the Packers let him off and then they gonna win the next three. I mean they could be four. No, so I don't think I don't think the bye week helps them in any way, shape or form. The one thing I would say is as good as it's looked honestly sit there, you're looking at the first four games and go who they beat, you know? Okay. And now you're laying three on the road. Now be to me. I say this every year my he's the worst home field advantage in the NFL. You know, once once these guys start pedestrian, even if they're a five hundred team, there's a lot of green and orange seats down in Miami. You're coming off a bye. Maybe a lost. Remember rhythm you had and my is gonna stone in the shoop or the way they what we get away at Cincinnati. I don't know about waiting three on the road. It's not a game I'm going to get involved with, but as good as it looked for Chicago just don't go too overboard..

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