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Paxton was one injury away from being the starter does that mean that the broncos aren't taking a quarterback defense the broncos were one injury away from jordan taylor being back at one point so that's it's a quote for him to say to defend paxton lynch but i mean they were you know back to lynch got injuring himself and it was like oh gosh again this trevor siemian brock i mean it was just like they you know they just got it was like a house of cards and they just got falling apart so but again i said this on this show i don't know how many times and i i feel like at some point you guys are gonna stop having yard because it's all i'm gonna say what the broncos will continue to give their quarterbacks injured if they don't protect them how do you protect quarterback you invest in offensive lineman that's what they're gonna do who who will be outlast the other one paxton lynch or michael malone oh wow i don't know man i think i kind of go back and forth on malone and this is my thing with like basketball coaching i fully admit that i have never played professional basketball organized basketball i've watched it enough i hang out with guys who play basketball you know we talk basketball and whatever and it's like it's like with anything there's only so much a coach can do especially at the professional level i mean i was guys are so good that i mean he's got to get him an organized in the right spots and when you listen to his supposed to be the interviews you know he he rags on his team because they're not doing things that he's either asking them to do or they just don't wanna.

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