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More than three hundred former US national security and foreign policy officials have signed a statement today supporting an impeachment inquiry by Congress they're calling the president's actions quote a profound national security concern signers include former Obama officials as well as career officials in both democratic and GOP administrations meantime Jerry bold letter with what's next in the impeachment inquiry the house maybe starting a two week recess but intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff says Democrats will be working through the break on matters related to the whistle blower complaint well Democrats want to move quickly speaker Nancy Pelosi says there's no timetable for the impeachment proceedings they will do the work that they're set out to do following the facts and the time that it takes to find the facts as as you know you never know where we're going next now I think we're getting involved in the cover up of the cover up and that may be something that will take some time to investigate some house Democrats one of the recess canceled but leaders decided against it Jerry bowed under Washington the queen's prostitute charged in the drug overdose death of the high profile shop last month from chip Brianti dolci in mid town is being arraigned today on additional charges new Yorkers were camping out at city hall park overnight in an effort to raise awareness about New York city's homeless crisis they say mayor de Blasio's efforts have been inadequate continues to push back on a flawed ideology.

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