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So you made the round of twelve what do you? Do to do better. Just a little more luck. I cost you a little bit of everything. Really? I think my cue racing. I q needs to be brought up a little bit more still still learning some stuff about the tracks. We need everything to be put together and have a good race. You know, sometimes we'll we have pit issues. Sometimes I'd do something on my behalf. So all just gonna needs to come together. And then have just a pitch perfect day really to to win one of these things. Are you still with one thousand next year? I hope so everything is hopefully, hopefully going to stay there. We haven't announced anything yet. But hopefully, what the what the year closing out. We can get something out pretty soon on that. I notice you're getting ready for archery season. I guess yeah. Hopefully, I get some time this year, and then the year kind of hard to get out and do it with with being fulltime in the sport and really trying to learn and try and be a student. It's really a Monday through Sunday job trying to trying to get this done. So I try to find a little free time to do that. I've also had a little company I've been trying to open up a hot rod shop in mooresville North Carolina there. So that's something to be playing with as well, I've got a couple of things going on so run. Hundred eighty miles an hour doing what kind of stuff you're going to pump out of that shop. Yeah, we're we're doing pretty much any kind of metal fab. So we're building full cars. We actually just built a full setup plate to Bill chassis is on if someone has a chassis. They wanted Don. Or are. We can do anything that involves metal pretty much Bill. Metal chairs metal furniture cars, whatever you name it. So is this race cars are public cars. More St. street, rod stuff, hot rods and lifted trucks and semi zone, and whatever whatever you get. So that's what we got going on right now at that house, and I noticed you do some ocean fishing to. Yeah. We actually just got a brand new fishing boat. We had a beautiful one. I don't know why we had to get rid of the for whatever reason he was ready to upgrade to the next thing. So we get something actually came today in Florida data. Everybody's down there picking that up and having fun right now on it. So we do enjoy it didn't joy outdoors. Enjoy seeing and everything that God created forced to half on on. It's it's it's a blast to get out there and do it. So someone else out there is driving Brandon Jones boat actually dad's driving dad's boat. Not just going to go play. Whenever I get some free time on it. Okay. So Jimmy Johnson's going to have the luxury of driving an f one car is there anything that you'd like to do in the future in the way of another vehicle, man. I love semi trucks. I know it sounds funny me and my truck driver, actually, really close, and we have a lot of fun. You know, looking at all the custom trucks, especially out west when you come here. There's normally some really pretty shined up drugs I hear so I have driven one before. But I think a custom custom Peterbilt Freightliner or something. It'd be fun to go to drive. All right. So do you ever? Find yourself watching the Cup series race just to get some pointers or tips or anything like that. I try to I really enjoy going and looking at the highlights as much as anything, you know. And sometimes it's hard to sit down from lap one to go to four hundred laps and then watch everything, but I'm sure I have a different perspective than you know, somebody. That's just you know, an average fan that'd be watching. It definitely look for different things to try to help myself for the for the next time we go to the racetrack. So do they need? A short and the racist. 'cause the drivers can't even sit through them. It's it's tough. It's different. When you're in the race, man, you're so focused you're into it. You're trying to figure out how to get the car better. Sometimes though, they get so strong out and they get so paste out that for me..

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